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Windows 8 Stuck at 10%

In this article we will tell you the tips for resolving Windows 8 stuck at 10% problem. Here are the complete instructions: 

The Windows 8 sometimes do not get installed completely and becomes stuck after completing 10% of the installation process. This happens even if the Windows 8’s copy you have in your PC or laptop is genuine.  If you are among the people, who face this issue, then you need to contact the Windows 8 customer support.

Windows 8 installation gets stuck at various stages during any part of the installation process. Let us discuss the solutions we need to use when the installation process gets stuck in the initial part that is at 10%.

Tips for Resolving the Issue of Incomplete Installation in Windows 8

If you use some techniques that are not complicated and employ some common sense, you can resolve these issues.

Go for the Final Version

If you do not have the final version of Windows 8 for your computer and if you use any version that is not genuine, you may encounter this issue. So, install the final version of Windows 8 and wait for it to end. A legal and the final version of Windows 8 is mandatory if you face Windows 8 getting stuck at various stages.

Remove the External Devices

When you install Windows 8, you may face the issue of getting stuck if you have other devices attached to your computer. For instance, many users keep the printer plugged to the system, and a few keep the USB of the smartphone connected to the laptop or connect a flash drive or a Bluetooth device with the system. If you get stuck at any point, just try unplugging them, and you can see the installation going smoother.

Try Some Patience

This is not a techie advice after all. When you see your Windows 8 getting stuck, see it as a problem that is something common and you need to wait. Try to do something else like reading or listening to your favorite tracks, so as to get occupied for a while.

Update your BIOS

Windows 8 Stuck at 10%

If you see that the aforementioned advices do not work, then you need to try this one. Though a BIOS that is outdated does not always cause an issue, but it can be the reason at some of the times. Windows may have issues working with your motherboard and inbuilt hardware. At such cases, updating the BIOS can be the solution to this problem.

Based on the computer you use, press F2 or Esc to get the BIOS setup page. If you do not see any details for BIOS setup page, then simply call the technical support team of the manufacturers of the system to know the details.

If your BIOS setup page is outdated, then go for updating it. You need to check the Drivers and Downloads section in your computer. If you do not have this section look for the similar section in your system. With the several other updates, you will find the BIOS update details here. Check the listed BIOS update that is for the make and model of your computer. To identify the apt drivers for the system, most of the makers offer the software that can be downloaded online.

When you update the BIOS, it may turn out to be risky. So, as a precaution take complete backup of  the system before going for BIOS update.

Check the Compatibility

Check for your computer’s compatibility with Windows 8. This is not  advice in all cases until you are installing a very old version that is not genuine.

Also, make sure you have enough space in the computer. It is advisable if the space is a bit more. Moreover, remove the DVD, if you are installing from one, when it says you to do so.



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