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Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Problems

In this article we will tell you about Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Problems. Here’s the list of problems.

Since its launch, technology experts and users across the world have found the much awaited Microsoft’s Windows 8, a fantastic Operating System with advanced features. However, with some pending certificate issues and formatting concerns, users are gradually waking up to technical issues facing its Internet Explorer 10 version.

Users of the new Windows 8 have often complained about the following flaws with the Internet Explorer 10

Adobe Flash

This is a foremost concern among users Adobe Flash in IE10 has not been functioning properly. There have been security issues with the Flash version of W8 that makes them vulnerable to system crashes and site hacks.  This is because Adobe Flash has been built in to the IE 10 version of Windows 8, and the inherent security vulnerability is also affecting updating Adobe Flash versions.


Silverlight Quaint that came along with the previous versions of Internet Explorer too has been dropped. This means watching videos and listening to music on the metro version of IE10 is next to impossible. Even installing Silverlight through a Microsoft update does not seem to help this problem as this can often lead to facing error messages.

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 Problems

Loading Problems

Many users have also complained of several loading issues in websites with the internet cookies are not being able to work properly. While many websites do not open up in IE10, some show up a blank screen, similar to a hung system, which is followed by a Java window pop up that requires filling in credentials. Others have also complained about slow responses from the Internet Explorer 10 with problems of pages are not refreshing on their own.

Alternate Modes

While Windows 8 technical experts often suggest trying out different modes to correct loading and flash errors, many a times, these don’t seem to work. Looking for a solution in the Safe mode does not always seem fruitful and in many cases there is no scope of a compatibility mode which appears grayed out in the tool bar.

Printing Trouble

There have been issuing concerning printing where sometimes the given print command does not respond or show up a dialogue box for printing. The metro mode faces trouble in connecting to the printer while the desktop mode often crashes when given a print command. This problem of system non response has been fairly common across the board among all IE10 users.

Uploading Content

Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 has been fairly criticized for causing problems while uploading content. Many users face difficulty in uploading data and images online that are normally easily uploaded through other platforms.

Connectivity issues

There have been instances of Internet Explorer 10 getting frequently disconnected with the internet that often require manual restarting of the router and internet connection several times while surfing online.

Other Issues

Others have cited it as non user friendly with missing IE icon after a W8 upgrade in a clean state. Many mention trouble running IE10 in Windows 8, with random appearance of the IE error dialogue box. Some users have had their keyboard functionality affected with some number keys becoming unresponsive. This can however, be corrected by uninstalling the Constant Guard Protection Suite and running the Norton Removal Tool before upgrading to Windows 8. The content adviser tab under Content tab options is also sometimes missing, which too, can be restored.

Internet Explorer 10 in Microsoft’s new Windows 8 seems to be facing initial troubles with consumers expressing their difficulties in its operation. However, the company looks confident in overcoming these issues over time.

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