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How to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

In this post we will guide you how to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password.Here are the details. 

It often happens that you had not created a Windows 8 password reset disk earlier and you tend to forget your password and are not able to access your account. Probably you would think of reinstalling Windows 8 but alas! That would wipe all the data from your system disk.

Well, do not worry. In this article we will discuss two methods to reset forgotten Windows 8 password in some very simple steps.


PIN Logon

If you had earlier used or set up a Windows 8 PIN then in case you lose your password, you could switch to PIN mode in order to access your account using your PIN.

The steps to set up a PIN are as follows:

  • While you are in the default Metro UI of Windows 8, click on the Control Panel.
  • In the main navigation bar, click on ‘Users’ option and then in the left side windows click on ‘create a PIN’ option.
  • You will now be asked for the present password for your present running account. Enter the respective password and then click the ‘OK’ button.
  • Finally, enter the four digits PIN that you want to be used in emergency cases and then retype it in order to confirm it. Once you are done, click ‘Finish’.
  •  Now whenever you forget your password, you could select PIN logon in the logon options link on your login screen and logon using your PIN code.


Anmosoft Password Reset Software

The previous method still requires you to remember your four digits PIN in case you forget your password. But in case you had not set up a PIN earlier or you do not remember either your login password or your PIN, you could take aid of Anmosoft Password Reset Utility to access your account without reinstalling Windows 8. So here are the steps required:

  • Go to the following link to download the Anmosoft Password Reset for Windows 8.

  • Install the software on any machine that is working, for now.
  • Insert a DVD/CD or a USB drive into the working computer and then run the installed software.

Now select the respective device that you are using in order to burn a Windows 8 password reset disk into it and then hit the ‘Start’ button as shown in the image below.

create password

  • Select ‘Yes’ in order to burn the password reset disk into the selected drive and follow the simple on screen instruction in order to finish burning the password reset disk successfully. Once you are done, remove the disk from the computer.

blank usb drive

  • Now insert the burned drive in the locked computer and then restart it. Select the target OS and then hit ‘Next’.

burned drive


  • Now select the respective accounts for which you need to reset the passwords and then hit ‘Next’ in order to continue on with the process.


  • After the procedure is completed, you will be notified on the screen. Now take out the drive form your computer and hit ‘Reboot’.
  • You will now be able to access the user account without any password.

reset password

 So now, use these methods to access your accounts without reinstalling Windows and without losing all your data.

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