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Why Is My Business Not Showing Up On Google?

These days business owners have been using a lot of platforms to advertise their shops or stores online. The reason behind this shift of advertising process from offline hoardings and banners to the use of online ads in different social media or search engine platforms is the increase in activity of potential buyers in different social media platforms. But, how will you feel, if someday you get to know that the money you are spending to get more visibility in Google search engine is not visible to your potential buyers? Or if you get to know the effort you made in the past to register your business in Google Maps is not visible to your buyers? Won’t you ask questions, why is my business not showing up on Google? Won’t you look for reasons behind this? Yes, you will. So, here we have listed some of the common reasons and fixes for your store omission on Google. 


Why is my business not showing up on google


“Why Is My Business Not Showing Up On Google”- Don’t Worry We Have Mentioned The Fixes To Your Queries

Reason 1: Google Verification

The first answer to the question why is my business not showing up on google? is not getting verified on Google. Some businesses do not complete the verification process, hence this results in non-visibility of the business on neither Google My Business nor Google maps. If your business has lower competition in the market, then there is a chance of coming in the search result without getting verified. But, most of the unverified businesses do not come in search results with higher competition. 

How To Know If Your Business Is Verified Or Not On Google My Business?

  • To check whether your business is in the verified listing or not, go to the check your verification status tab of the Google My Business Help and then sign in using the email you have linked with your business. 
  • After signing in, click on continue and confirm your email address on the next tab. 
  • On the next tab, you will see all the business listings associated with the email you have provided. 
  • So select the business you are looking for and click on continue. 
  • Then on the next tab, it will show the verification status either verified or unverified. 
  • If you have initiated the verification process, then if not verified yet, it will show pending. 

Why Is It Better To Get Verified On Google My Business Listing?

Getting verified on GMB listings will help you get noticed easily on Google by your potential customers. While undergoing the verification process, you get the option to choose and fill categories, locations, and other essential information related to your business. This information is used to categorize the business on the GMB listing, hence your business will be more shown in more filtered searches. For example, you will find a big difference between a coffee shop and a cafe. So, if this differentiation is not done manually and left on Google to make choices for you, then good results won’t be in your favor. 

How To Start The Verification Process?

To start the verification process, sign in to your GMB account using the required credentials. 

  • Go to the Google My Business dashboard present on the top right corner and click the ‘verify now’ option. 
  • Re-check the business information you have entered previously and then see the top of the page and click on ‘Mail’. 
  • If you are ready to verify, then don’t click the ‘verify later’ option. 
  • Now enter the name that should be written on the postcard and should be mailed to. Then Google will send this postcard to the business address you have provided previously. 
  • Now click on ‘send postcard’.

Now, you have to wait for the postcard to be received. After you receive the postcard, complete the verification process. To complete the verification process again sign in to your GMB account. 

  • Verification using the postcard can be done using two methods.

Under the ‘Verification Needed’ tab click on ‘Verify Now’ or on the left side menu, you will see a ‘Verify Location’ option. 

  • Follow the asked instructions and enter the verification code written on the postcard. 
  • After entering the code, your business will be verified.

Reason 2: Your Business Is Lacking In Google Rankings

If somebody says the above line to you, what do they mean? This means your business is not showing up on the first page of search results due to its positioning in below ranks. If you sort this ranking issue, then you will never ask again why is my business showing up on google. Google ranks businesses based on their importance, engagement, or CTR (Click Through Rate), and location. But, if you want to get into local rankings, then Google will determine your ranking based upon relevance, distance, and prominence. So, if your business fulfills all the above criteria of google, then google will push the ranking of your business and it will be visible to your customers more easily.

What’s The Need To Improve Local Ranking Of Your Business?

Improving local ranking will help your business to come up in the search results of searchers. For example, if someone is looking for a particular shop or store like a saloon in a nearby area or location, then google will recommend them nearby or local stores only. So, if your business has good local rankings then it will be shown in the search result. 

How To Improve Local Ranking On Google?

Do you know, Google keeps an eye over all your activities sharply? Yes, they do. Whatever changes you make on your business profile, they use changes or activities to rank your business in the upgrade or downgrade the rankings. So here are some of the activities you should regularly do to increase your business rank on Google and make it more visible for your customers. 

  • Keep everything updated in your business profile. Add all the necessary and required information for better knowledge of your business for the customers. 
  • Providing exact and complete data will help google to recommend your store to the searchers in your locality.
  • Verifying the store location will help you to get identified on Google Maps as well. 
  • Always respond to your store reviewers. This will leave a good impression and good reviews will help your business to get more visibility. 
  • Showcase your business on Google by adding more photos of your store, goods, and facilities.  

Reason 3: If Your Google My Business Account Is Suspended

If you are asking yourself why is my business not showing up on google, then also add one more question if you have followed all the guidelines correctly?  This is one of the most common reasons for not getting visible on Google Maps or Google Search Engine? Sometimes due to some suspicious activities by the business owners to get more attention from the customers, google hands a suspension of the GMB account and therefore results in a no-show of your business in Google Maps or Google Search Engine. 

Why A Google My Business Account Gets A Suspension?

For anyone who does not follow the policies of Google, there is a high chance that you get a temporary suspension from Google. If you have a business listed in your GMB account, and it is now suspended, then it should be for a few reasons listed below.

  • Misrepresenting the business you hold to the real world. 
  • If you are doing fraudulent or illegal activities, then Google will immediately handover a suspension. 
  • Adding multiple locations to your business can be a reason for suspension. 
  • The use of multiple categories to describe your business.
  • If you have multiple profiles added to your business, then it may lead to the suspension of your GMB account.
  • Other than these, there are several other reasons too behind the suspension of the business.

What Are The Types Of Suspensions On Google My Business?

If you got the notification from Google regarding the suspension of your business, then check here in which category your suspension lies. 

  • If by any chance, your business account stays unverified, then Google can give a soft suspension. This means you can access as usual after logging in, but can not manage anything unless you provide verification proof.
  • If you are totally unable to access your profile after logging into it, then you have been given a hard suspension for violating Google guidelines. In such cases, nothing much can be done as it will be showing a removal notification on screen.
  • In some cases, Google removes the owner’s account and the location associated with the account. So, if Google reinstates the account, then it will also recover information associated with the owner’s account.
  • But, sometimes google only removes the manager’s account, without causing any removal of location and other information.

Process To Fix Suspended Profile

  • Firstly, thoroughly read Google My Business guidelines.
  • Then sign in to your Google My Business account and check whether your profile is complying with the guidelines or not. 
  • If everything is checked and found correct, then request for reinstatement from the option available there. 

Reason 4: Due To Relocation Of Your Business

There are many circumstances due to which business owners choose to shift their existing stores to a new location. While the shifting process they almost do everything, but one important task they miss is updating the relocation in Google My Business Profile. Unless you do so manually on your Google My Business dashboard, it will show the old location to the customers. The problem that will be caused due to not updating your recent location is if any customer reports that the store is vacant or no longer available, Google is quick enough to remove your store from Google Map as well as from the search engine too. So before asking why is my business not showing up on google, edit your relocated address.

Why Your Business Location Is Important In Google My Business? 

Google My Business plays a major role in the online presence of your business. So, by providing the exact location of your store or business, you are guiding your customers to have a visit to your store easily. Moreover, Google utilizes the location of your business to recommend it in the local searches. So, the correct location will help you to get discovered and recommended easily by Google. Also, adding locations will show, in how many locations your business is active or your service is available. 

What Guidelines To Be Followed While Adding Address To Google My Business Dashboard?

Google has certain guidelines that need to be followed to get visibility in local searches on Google. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Enter a complete, precise, and exact location of your business or store.
  • Never exclude suite numbers, floors, or building numbers while adding addresses.
  • Only add relevant information related to your business. Avoid phrases in address lines. 

How To Edit Address Of Your Business?

To edit the address of your business follow the below-mentioned process and get your location updated as soon as possible. 

  • First of all, login into your GMB account.
  • Now, choose the address you want to edit or click on the add new option to add a new address.
  • Click on the menu bar, and then click on info.
  • Now go to the address field and enter your address by following the guidelines properly and click on ‘apply’.
  • If Google will be unable to locate the address you provided, then you have set it manually on the map using the ‘Set Market Location’ option. 
  • After pointing out the location, click on ‘apply’. Now Google will have to verify the address before making it visible to the public.

How Can You Remove The Old Location Of Your Business?

If you have relocated your business recently and want to remove the old location of your business, then follow these steps to get it done ASAP.

  • Log into your account on GMB.
  • Choose the location you want to remove.
  • Go to the menu bar and click the ‘info’ option.
  • Now click on the address field and then tap ‘clear address’.
  • After clearing, click on ‘apply’ to save changes.

Reason 5: No Address Provided On Google Maps

Some people google a few businesses but find no way to reach out to them. This is caused due to two reasons i.e. either the business owner has forgotten to add the address or the business owner is not interested in adding the address in Google maps. If the owner does not want to add an address, it is completely understandable due to some privacy issues. But, how can a business run without a store address? 

Reasons Behind Not Adding Address To Google Maps

Before getting further into this cause of not getting visible on Google Maps, let’s discuss the reasons behind not adding the address in Google Maps. Here are some of the reasons why business owners don’t want to add an address.

  • Sometimes, several people start their businesses at their own houses. So adding their house address breaches their privacy by getting contacted or visited by numerous people throughout the day.
  • If a business does not provide store benefits as they provide some services to their customers, then there is no need for providing addresses in Google Map.

But, the problem arises when Google does not make the business visible on Google Maps and Search Engine. To avoid this, some fixes can be followed to regain visibility in local searches. So, don’t scratch head on why is my business not showing up on google

  • First, if you don’t want to reveal your address, then choose services over the shop while setting up your account.
  • Secondly, inform Google previously that you do not want to disclose the location of your shop. 
  • Start making your business profile by clicking on the ‘Start Now’ option.
  • Enter the name of your business on the next tab.
  • Now, choose the option of not adding the location of your shop.
  • But, you have to inform Google in which area you will serve to get you more customers.
  • Now, verify the business using the required credentials. 

These fixes are more efficient with different service-related businesses like catering services.

Reason 6: Starting Business With A Shared Address

If two people are the owner of a thing, then no one can claim the individual ownership of that thing. Similarly, if you are starting up your business on a shared address, then it will be difficult for Google to identify which business is truly present there. Sharing an address can keep you in situations where you will be thinking why does my business not show up on google. Ultimately, this will mess up things for both businesses. 

Initially, you will enjoy the benefits of having a shared office, especially if you start up your business. The perks of having a shared office include a cost-effective and positive experience. But, this will show a downside too. 

If you try to add the same address that is previously added with some other business, then you won’t be able to verify it. This thing will keep you devoid of setting up a Google My Business listing. Another issue that you may face is, due to confusion of multiple businesses on the same address, Google may not recommend your business or make it visible in local searches. 

What To Do If You Start Your Business With A Shared Address?

In most cases, this situation arises when you start your businesses in a shopping mall with multiple stores. So, with one address, you will find multiple stores. To avoid this situation, you can add a shop number to your address line, which will help Google and your customers to locate easily. 

If different businesses are started in the same building, then add floor number or room number in the address line to specifically point out the location of your business.

But, it is always advised to avoid using a shared address whether you are starting or setting up a new branch of an existing business. This will make your business easily identifiable and visible in local searches.

Reason 7: Google My Business Requires Location Authority For Better Visibility 

What do you mean by location authority? It is the power and ability a location has to get visibility in Google local search results and Maps. This means, if a business has more location authority, then it will rank higher in Google rankings. So, it will be easier and quicker for the searcher to find your store within a specific radius. If you find that your business is not visible on Google search results or Google maps, then there is a higher chance that it may be lacking location authority. 

How does Google determine The Location Authority?

To determine the location authority of a business, Google uses several factors that include the following:

  • Geo Location: It is defined as the use of technologies such as GPS or IP address to track the use of connectivity devices. 
  • Ratings: The overall ratings of the store given by its customers.
  • Rankings: The standings of the store in Google Rankings.
  • NAP: This is a physical or manually provided information attached to the businesses.
  • Links out
  • Links In with relevancy
  • Branding: The growth of the business in the current time. 

How To Improve The Location Authority In Order Get More Attention On Google Maps?

If you are truly looking to get more visibility, leads, sales, etc for your business, then you should seriously focus on improving the location authority of your business. Follow the below-mentioned tips to improve the location authority of your business.

  • Link your fully optimized website with Google maps. So, by linking the website to Google maps, you are allowing Google to access your website to show ads on Google Maps. 
  • Try submitting the NAP in both local and national directories. If your business will be found through Name, Address, and Phone Number, then it will magically boost the ranking. 
  • Provide consistent data in both directories and linked websites, so that it will not differ. 
  • While setting up the contact us page, add the google map option with the pinned location.
  • The more engagement you get on your website, the more you will be visible on Google Maps too.
  • Add subcategories to your Google My Business account to have precise recommendations of your store.

Reason 8: Out Of Proximity Area

Do you know, you will not get discovered if you stay out of the proximity area? But, here comes a question, what is a proximity area? Proximity area is the radius or the area in which the required search results will be seen. If your business or store is out of potential clients’ search location or IP address, then due to the proximity area they can not find you. This means you will be only visible in a certain area or radius. That could be bad news for your business’s growth. So, if your business is not visible on google map, then this can be another reason too. 

How Can Proximity Hamper Local Organic Growth Of A Business?

Proximity does not hamper local organic growth in any way, but it can hamper the beyond proximity area. In localized organic results, it collects all the businesses, directories, etc under one local pack. This means, irrespective of your location in the city, you will experience the traditional ranking signals of Google and get satisfactory results. 

But, when it comes to beyond the proximity area, don’t ask why my business is not showing up on Google. The traditional ranking signals will not work outside the proximity region.

How To Solve Or Get Visibility Beyond Proximity Region?

There is no specific solution to get visibility beyond the proximity region but you can check how your business ranks in different locations. This is possible by using several apps available online like BrightLocal. These apps will show the search results of different locations easily. 

Reason 9: Not Promoting Business Beyond Google

If you are not viewing your business on Google ranking and everything is perfect from your side, then you might not be aware of what you are lacking. If you ever google my business page not showing, then lack of promotion will be a top reason. Most of the business persons feel putting businesses on Google My Business and Google Maps is all they need to do, to promote their business. But, this is not it. You need more effort and more advertisement on different social media platforms too. There are a lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, where you can post about your business or share your website link on it. 

Why Choose Other Platforms?

In today’s world, most people are now on social media platforms. Either due to work or personal time pass, they spend leisure time on social media. So by posting business ads on these platforms, there is a high chance of catching the eyes of potential clients. So, this will increase the Click Through Rate on Google and it will result in more visibility of your business profile in the local searches. 

Which Social Media Platform Will Be More Effective?

For now, almost most citizens of the world have registered themselves on Facebook. So, if you start promoting or advertising on your Facebook profile and groups, you will be generating most of the leads concerning other platforms. So, start promoting on Facebook, and if you have enough time then take your approach towards Instagram for more growth. 

The more you promote, the more clicks and engagement you generate for your profile.

Reason 10: Not Getting Enough Ratings And Reviews On Your Business 

Do you know, ratings and reviews of your business matters a lot while determining the ratings of your business? Yes, they do. If you are not getting enough ratings and good reviews, then there must be two reasons behind this, either the products you sell are not good or you are not asking your customers to give you feedback or ratings on google and this will result in your business not showing up in Google.

But if you want to gain ratings and reviews for real, then follow the below steps:

  • Google My Business Listing
  • Location Landing Page
  • Other Third Party Local Listing Directories

Use the above-mentioned processes to get reviews but never hesitate or step back to get reviewed. If you are afraid of getting negative feedback from your valuable clients or customers, then you can never improve or get positive feedback too. Try to face negative feedback and provide appropriate solutions to them. Or if you are getting positive feedback then it is a good sign of growth in your business as well as in Google rankings. Another reason behind getting feedback is that you get a chance to improve and gain the customer’s faith in you again. So, never hesitate to ask for valuable feedback from your clients and find new ways to gather reviews of your products. 


Before you complain about ‘why does my business not show on Google‘, always check where you are lacking. Google keeps those businesses high up in ranking those who follow all the guidelines properly and generate more engagement on profile. Google always follows the traditional ranking system, hence it will never make a fault in ranking your business. So keep your growth high, Google will keep your rank high and will make you more visible to others.

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