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How to build an effective niche-specific PPC campaign: Make every click count

A niche industry is focused on solving the need of a specific market. Some of the PPC campaign strategies of the main industry can apply to a niche industry as well. But there are some specific tips that need to be kept in mind for the PPC campaign of a niche industry.

Pay per click advertising is an effective way to get traffic and earn conversions if you tap the maximum potential that this digital marketing tactic is capable of. Since the internet is a complex and dynamic space, a PPC campaign also needs to be intelligently planned.

Elearning is a niche industry and here’s what you need to know to run a successful LMS directory campaign:

  1. Create Awareness

Before persuading your audience to buy your niche product or avail your service, you need to educate your audience regarding your product. This means using your PPC campaign to create awareness. Niche industries like eLearning need to introduce themselves in the market before they sell themselves. Push educational content through your PPC ads that would create an interest among your target audience regarding your product. Use creative videos, blogs etc. to make users aware of what you do and who you are. This will also help you identify what kind of keywords are getting traffic to your website, which is ultimately what a PPC campaign is built on.

  1. Talking about your product

Start talking about your product with your target audience and potential customers. Get into deeper conversations with users, get them to sign up for your mailing list and start asking them questions like what got them to your website? What keywords displayed your website in results? What other keywords would they have used to come across your product and service? When your audience is becoming aware of your product and service, that is the best time to identify the tricks and tactics that are working for your product’s digital marketing.

  1. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Keywords are foundational to all digital marketing initiatives. Make sure you analyze and track your PPC campaign and use results for improvement. Along with niche specific keywords, also add keywords that are a part of the bigger industry that your niche belongs to. Track which keywords are failing to get you the right audience and remove them from your PPC campaign. Explore keywords similar to the ones that are getting you traffic.

After launching, a lot of companies do not track their PPC campaigns which leads to no further improvement in their campaigns and is a stagnant approach to digital marketing.

  1. Revisit your marketing

Don’t forget to re-market your product or service to your existing customers. Persuading old customers to repurchase your product is easier than converting new ones. So revisit your marketing strategies, remarket your niche and get the conversations going with your target audience.

  1. Be Updated

Just the way you should update your PPC campaign keywords, you should also keep your website updated. Update content on your website and don’t expect your audience to follow you on your old website. Keep things fresh on your website with educational content, social media posts, videos etc.


These are some minor yet effective ways of leading your PPC campaign towards success. There is no fixed formula for a successful PPC campaign because the internet is a dynamic space. As digital marketing experts, you need to be abreast with the current trends, track what is working in your favor and what is going against you. Keep yourself and your digital presence updated because there is no space for outdated content online. Once you’re tracking and are aware of what kind of audience is reaching out to your product or service, it becomes easier to steer your PPC campaign in the right direction.

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