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What is the Difference Between Android and iPhone

In this article we will discuss about difference between Android and iPhone. Discussion about it follows under:

This digital complex world has brought in loads of gadgets, and almost everything is available in a click away. While there are many smartphones available today, the Android OS and the Apple OS are talked much about. So, what makes each of them special and what are variations in the android phones and iPhones?

Nevertheless, knowledge of the basic differences helps to use them more perfectly.

The User Interface

A tech savvy individual would be always preferring Android phones for the matter that it has a wide variety of options. However, this does not mean that iOS devices have a user interface that cannot be preferred. In fact, the Apple devices have a user interface that are much user friendly. The Apple UI gives you wide variety of options. Unparalleled customization is the advantage of Android devices, the iOS devices boast to be extremely little tighter. For a person who likes to get more apps, then Google devices are the best choices. However, iOS is highly easy to use, though Android devices may attract you with the ability to download a third party keyboard and use it.

So, if you want to own a phone and do not like to workaround it but enjoy it for its ease of use, then iPhone is best. If you look for loads of customization Android phones, are for you.


Google Play Store offers a wide array of apps, so you can enjoy apps with the Android phones. But, you can’t deny the fact that Apple’s App store gives more than the former. While Android OS offers apps for all important factors including Facebook and Twitter. But where iPhone wins is in the area of games. However, do not come to the conclusion that Google Play Store has nothing in the area of games; you can still trust this for keeping your kids busy and can find all popular titles here. However, Google is not up to the strata of iPhone in this area. For people who love to play games on the move, iPhone is the best choice. There are many games and the user can get them more instantly in the iPhone. If you are not fond of smartphone gaming, then you can never find this a letdown in Android. On the contrary, for the gaming fans it is this feature that makes them celebrate iPhone.


For people who are on the move, to pick the iPhone the task is particularly easy. All the person has to do is to go for the latest version. When it comes to Google, the options are multiple. If you have enough time, then you can find the phone that goes well with your requirements and style. On the other hand, if you are pressed by time, naturally it is impossible to do a research and find the best among the dozens of phones. But, you cannot be cheated on the quality front like the yesteryear’s, when the Android phones were best or worst. HTC, Samsung and other companies now have made it easy to get quality device in Android OS.


Both the operating systems do not seem to hold connectivity problems. Also, there are varied opinions about both. It is a prevalent idea that Apple phones do not offer ease of use in most of the case like adding the ringtone to the PC. However, it is like drag and drop in Google.

So, ultimately it depends, on your personal preference to own an android smartphone or the latest iPhone.


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