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‘Video Learning’ Is Loved Over ‘Textual Learning’ But ‘Quality V-Learning’ Still Lacks

Now e-learning institutions offers ‘online study courses’ for reaching global audiences using video tutorials. Find the complete details below.

Web seems quite ordinary to most of us now (i’m assuming all those who spend 10+ hours,stuck to web) but if we go back and find some of the things told and projected in the late 90’s(when WWW was just starting out its journey) then we realise that Free & Organised Information scarcity on the ‘Early Web’ was something to worry about.(There was no Wikipedia that time, forget any other good information source as well).

But as we all know ‘Need is the mother of Invention’ and as John Chambers(president and CEO of Cisco Systems in 2000) quoted

The next big killer application for the Internet is going to be ‘education‘. Education over the Internet is going to be so big it is going to make email usage look like a rounding error.”

His words turned out so true that we today have the biggest FREE encyclopedia called Wikipedia for any small or big information need we look out for.(except all those endless pieces of information on the web)

And its not just textual learning but e-learning (learning online through Internet) that has grown so far today that most of the conventional learning institutions have also opened ‘online study courses’ for reaching global audiences.

The trends shout loud enough that ‘Video Learning'(aka e-learning 2.0) is much more effective and interactive than ‘Textual learning’. YouTube, one of the blessed Google properties on the web offers millions of free e-learning videos among its broad kitty of user generated videos. The only problem with such ‘Free Video Information’ is its ‘Quality’.

Most of the free educational videos on the web aren’t prepared professionally and therefore lack the expertise and sincerity and consequently loose out in gripping over the learner’s concentration.

‘Paid Video courseware’ takes a toll on the pocket but also adds a great value to the content that the student learns. For video course to be good enough, the video courseware providers also need to be authoritative ones in their niche. One such e-learning service providers,k alliance (already reviewed by us earlier), provides variety of e-learning videos, which is offered in various formats.

Video Learning is certainly the future of web based learning and soon, we may have a Wikipedia of Informative Videos on the web, freely accesible for anybody.

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