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Types of Social Media Advertising You Need to Try

With the number of social media users growing each day, social media advertising has become a huge part of running businesses. Businesses have now established a presence online, and digital marketers are using a tool such as Sharedcount to see what their followers think about their business regarding shares, likes, and more. You have to know that getting your content noticed is not as easy as it sounds. Some social media posts barely get shares, and even those that get shared, only a small percentage reach more than 1,000 shares. However, you can get your brand more noticed by trying the following social media advertising.


1.      Maximize on blog posts

One of the most effective social media advertising skills is writing blog posts. Blog posts ensure that you drive the desired amount of traffic to your brand. Keep in mind that you need to drive the right audience, and blog posts will effectively achieve that. Ensure to create high quality content and then post it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The content you create should be in line with the clientele you are targeting. Furthermore, ensure to post more often so that you can easily engage with your customers.

2.      Incorporate paid search and social ads

If you want your brand to gain popularity among the people, advertising is an effective way to achieve this. You can do this by combining paid search and social ads. There are tools available to help you customise search ads to individuals who have clicked on your website after searching on google – it effectively increases the conversion rates. On the other hand, you need to rely on social ads because they ensure that individuals know more about your business or brands. That notwithstanding, social ads are a cost-effective way to get people to familiarise with your brand before they are willing to purchase. These two go hand-in-hand.

3.      Re-marketing your content to your custom audience

By implementing this strategy, you can bring back the customers that already know about your website and brand. It is imperative to incorporate re-marketing so that the customers can return for a product that they are interested in. How do you go about this? You can set up a tracking pixel into your site so that you can track individuals who have visited your site. Then, when these individuals log into their social media accounts, you need to have set up a very relevant ad that will appear on their timeline as Sponsored Content. To achieve the effect that you are looking for, you have to personalise the messages. Doing so ensures that your targeted clients get meaningful content.

4.      Promote your content on more social media channels

If you are looking to grow your brand’s popularity, then it is imperative for you to post on different social media platforms. Relying on just one will not get you the traffic that your site needs. There are different sites that allow you to market your content effectively. You, however, have to ensure that you post content that is relevant to your audience. You can post new content, but a better strategy would be to repost your content. Why? This ensures that your new audience gets to see what you had previously posted. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are beneficial for B2Bs. You can promote your content, getting more exposure. Ultimately, the more people know about your site, the higher the traffic it gets.

5.      Increase engagement with audience targeting

You obviously cannot target all your audience because you may end up wasting a lot of money. You need first to understand that each of your targeted clients is unique. Each has different preferences, incomes, values, and interests. Therefore, to get leads, you need to set up your ads in a manner that they appear on the timelines of your targeted audience. Each post should match up with the specific users on a channel. This gives you a competitive advantage.


Social media advertising is mandatory for businesses or brands. This is because organic reach is pretty low across different social media platforms. You cannot just post content and hope that everyone will see it. No. You have to come up with effective advertising strategies that will bring more customers to your site, and those that will reach your targeted audience. Understanding how social media channels operate to boost your brand exposure may be challenging to most. Why? People in business are oblivious of what is required of them. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, failure to implement the right strategies will not get you anywhere. You might consider going with the above strategies if you want to get people to your site. Paid social media ads are quite the effective strategy.

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