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Transfer text messages from iphone to Mac

In this article we will discuss about how to transfer text messages from iphone to Mac. Here’s the complete discussion about it:

Text messages or short messages are considered the quickest and the least complicated medium for expressing oneself and sharing information. Albeit classical messaging systems have evolved considerably, text message is the still the most loved way to communicate!

For obvious reasons it has seamlessly replaced all previous communication formats, be it email or calls. Sometimes it becomes more than important to keep a backup of your messages, as the communication could involve some important messages. And if you are an iPhone user, you might be running into some serious space crunch. Deleting older messages to make space for new one sounds like a really ridiculous idea. But in reality, that might be the only option you would be left with!

In such a scenario, one looks out for an option which can help them in storing their previous valuable messages.  So they choose transferring their invaluable text messages from iPhone to Mac. By following these simple steps:

First and foremost, the basic .Connect your iPhone with the Mac PC via USB. You may choose to use iTunes to sync your device and PC. Mac immediately displays the vital stats of your phone including formats, type, version, capacity, serial number, firmware and OS version etc. on the information panel. Whereas all your other folders of the iphone like contacts, SMS, video, music, book, call would be visible on the left hand side of the interface.

  • From there you can select the option of SMS. And when you click on it you will be able to view all the SMS threads which you have received or sent to your contacts. Additional information like mobile, address, phone etc is also displayed.  Click the radio button on the message you wish to shift from iphone to Mac. Or select multiple/all messages by simply ticking on the top which implies that all the messages available on the device would be shifted to the Mac.
  • After this you will have to select the transfer iphone messages to the Mac by clicking on the “export checked files to local” by clicking on the one touch button. Here you will have to select the folder which would be the target or destination area for storing the information on the Mac. When you have set the destination settings then you can move ahead and click on the option “save”.
  • AS soon as you click on the save option, it will start the process of copying the content. In this manner you can get your messages to a safer location and in an appropriate, defragged manner without much hassle or ado. Here on, you can move ahead and sync your iPad or iPod touch. Ensure that you are using the right version for transferring your information and your idevice is updated with the latest version of firmware failing to which at times the Mac- Phone sync doesn’t work right.
  • Another option which could be used for transferring the SMS from iphone to Mac is the disk aid-which works for almost all kind of messages, MMS and IMessages.


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