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Vehicle Tracking System Using GPS and GSM Modem

Having a vehicles tracking system has become a crucial thing in today’s age. Below article will help you in tacking vehicle using GSM and GPS.

Vehicle management is not a simple task but one of the highly complex and cumbersome administrative jobs in the world. Vehicles are prone to unforeseen breakdowns and mechanical glitches and thus racking up many doubts on the delivery schedules. Unhappy customers can knock the deals out of the transporters’ basket too. Alongside these usual woes, transporters and the owners of vehicles face another unique challenge i.e. theft of vehicles. This is a safety concern for both public and private transport agencies and also to the individual owners for many years. Finally their prayers have been answered by the advanced technology of GSM and GPS based vehicle tracking and monitoring systems.

These systems act like theft prevention and retrieval devices that can be effectively used by the civic and police authorities in locating the stolen vehicles. Presently these systems are being utilized for four wheelers alone but the same systems can be adapted for two wheelers as well. By deploying the systems on-board of a four wheeler, fleet managers can not only track the whereabouts of the vehicle but also observe the driving patterns like how an employer keeps a close watch on his employees.

Once originally designed for military operations and which were subsequently embraced by the shipping industry, these robust tracking systems have then been allowed for public usage.

GSM based Tracking System

This system works on the principle of a mobile phone i.e. two devices are connected through a processed called as circuit switching. This connection is established through a SIM card that is obtained from a particular mobile network operator.

GPS based Tracking System

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite based system which can be used for tracking the vehicles. In this technology, the precise signals sent by the satellites will be captured and processed by GPS receivers which would further establish the exact location, direction, speed and time of a vehicle being tracked.

How Vehicle Tracking System Works

Vehicles would be tracked with the help of exclusive software which contains mapping, locating and reporting modules. This software would be installed on customer’s PC or laptop. This software would be hooked to the network operations center which works 24/7.

This NOC is further connected either to a mobile network or to a satellite network depending on the technology (i.e. GSM or GPS). An exclusive hardware unit would be mounted in the vehicle that which emits the signals.

The data received from the satellites or telecommunication towers would be processed by a control station which would be operated by the service provider. This control station further sends the data to a web server to which the customers’ PCs or laptops are connected to. After assimilating the given data, customers would be made known about the direction, speed and location of their vehicles. Customers can not only view the status of their vehicle on the monitor but also can opt for SMS alerts. The data would be sent in encrypted format thus only the authorized users can fetch and read.

Thus GSM or GPS based vehicle tracking systems are helping millions of customers in safeguarding their high priced assets against thefts.



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