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Looking For A Geek To Bring Your Idea Into Reality ? Go Techcofounder !

This article is about tech skilled coders marketplace. Techcofounder a website that aims to create a common marketplace for two counterparts of any startup.

As we get to interact with many guys who try their hands in starting up their own tech company and end up failing badly and burning plenty of bootstrapped or externally funded capital, the most plausible cause of failure remains Partner Mismatch.

Deadpooling happens either due to the technical incapabilities of the tech guy, inspite of an innovative idea to work upon, or because of  a poor decision maker/idea guy, inspite of a superbly talented geek at work.

As it’s always better to learn from other’s mistakes, if you happen to be a geek, seeking an entrepreneur to work together and materialize his idea or an entrepreneur, who has an idea but lacks a tech guy to bring it into life, then you’ve just got a budding place to look forward to,

Techcofounder is a website that aims to create a common marketplace for two counterparts of any startup, geeks/coders and entrepreneurs. It rather gives more control to the coders by letting entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, straight to the geek fraternity at Techcofounder and letting coders decide which idea to start working over.

Coders list basic profile information such as location, technical skillset, education and experience, which helps entrepreneurs figure out the right ones to pitch their idea to.

And if you are possibly a coder, working on contractual basis through sites like,  or, you ought to give a try as you might just be unaware of the real worth of your tech skills.

Entrepreneurs can obviously look out for capable tech geeks over at Techcofounder and approach anyone who fits the required skillset.

Go, give Techcofounder a try !

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