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TalentEquity lets you decide who should be your next employer !

talentequityIn this article we will tell you about talentequity employer rating website.

In the days of troubled economy when job cuts in any firm/company is pretty understandable,hardly anybody is really having a feel of ‘Job security’.Most of the employed folks(apart from the unemployed ones) are highly active on Job portals and are always in search of job openings suiting their work profiles,simply because pre-prepartion of any inauspicious event(‘pink slip’) will only keep hopes alive.

And when the folks are deeply looking into ‘Job portals’,there’s another ‘evolving’ area of online service that’s proving very helpful for the employees.It’s ‘Enterprise Appraisal Portals’.These portals give opportunity to the employees to pen down ‘anonymous’ honest reviews,insider facts and critical information such as avg. salary,work culture,growth  hierarchy etc.

TalentEquity is one such portal that’s ‘India specific’ and trying to create a remarkable position in ‘Enterprise appraisal’.It aggregates and presents employee opinions about their workplaces and salaries.The users can anonymously read and write reviews about their current or previous employers.Since the reviews are completely anonymous,they are supposed to be  honest and forthright.

In their own words

As such,TalentEquity is the perfect place for job seekers to start their job search since it provides inside information about the working environment in companies. This information is typically not available anywhere else. Job seekers can also compare their existing salaries with the salaries being offered in companies they wish to join.


TalentEquity already has a collection of 20000 reviews on companies and salaries covering a wide range of Indian companies(over 2600 employers).TalentEquity introduces a completely new dimension to the process of job search.It converts the process from a random selection of highest bidders to a well thought out career management strategy.

We have earlier reviewed another ‘Enterprise Appraisal Portal’ called Jobeehive(which is also India specific).So,this might make things tougher for Talentequity to grab more indian audiences.

Talentequity has recently partnered with Faayda,a Job aggregator to enhance the user experience by providing job search options together with employer reviews.

Lead by Manish Raghuvanshi,TalentEquity has further plans to introduce new features on job search,custom employee surveys & career management features.They actually need to introduce more features within the site,mainly to offer more advantages to the users relative to their competitors.

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