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“Faayda” : An Indian Job Search Engine for Unified Job search

faayda_logoIn this article we will tell you about faayda indian job search engine. Faayda crawls hundreds of job portals and adds all the jobs listed to its database.

In these troubled days of recession,one online sector that’s happily taking the cake away is “Job Portals”.Layoffs,shutdowns and  every such mishap creates more unemployment which inturn makes people search out for jobs.And the easiest way out is to browse through every Job portal one can possibly find.

Hence,one website that might prove to be a ‘utility’ these days is “Faayda”.It’s an Indian Job search engine,that crawls various popular job portals and lists out jobs from all such websites.

Faayda crawls hundreds of job portals as well as career pages and adds all the jobs listed to its database.It then makes it easy for job seekers to find all the jobs listed at different job portals,at one place.

In their own words

Faayda’s mission is to provide a user friendly platform for job seekers and recruiters to interact in the most efficient manner at no cost to either of them.

Faayda claims to have compiled more than any other Job search site in India.They have over 2,90,000 jobs categorized so that users can do quick searches and narrow down results to those that match their criteria. Businesses can take advantage of tapping into a larger talent pool by posting their jobs for free on the web site.

As Faayda isn’t a service provider but actually a Job aggregator from other portals,there are no service charges to access the job listings.Companies can also register for FREE to advertise their vacancies.

Although,Indian Job portals are plenty in number already but Faayda,being a Job search engine(an aggregator) might gain a good advantage of the current market scenario(which is terribly ruptured).

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