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Sorry No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed- Ways You Can Fix the Error

Every PC comes with a copy and paste feature. This was created for people who need to copy content from one place and use it elsewhere. So if you have to send a lovely story to your friends, just copy/paste and share. Yet sometimes the computer plays truant. As you try to paste the same, you get the message, sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed. This can be rather frustrating for someone who has no clue about the error.
Here we will tell you why the error mentioned above comes and how you can fix it up.

Sorry No Manipulations with Clipboard Allowed Meaning

Firstly let us understand this error and what it implies. This error comes only on Apple computers as they have an additional layer of security. Usually, the MacKeeper will not allow the user to copy any data as it is deemed illegal.
Since MacKeeper whitelists many websites, the error may arise rather frequently. But if you are copying an important Data like a Serial Number or product key, this error can be frustrating. Of course, there are ways to fix the error, and next, we will mention that.

sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed

Fixing Error “Sorry, No Manipulations with the Clipboard Allowed”

Method 1: The first and most straightforward technique is to restart the MacBook. When you reboot the system, a lot of flawed programs revert to their original settings. Just restart the system, and that would solve any issues that are affecting the clipboard.

Method 2: Sometimes, the system has updates pending. These could be causing the sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed error. Check if your system has any updates pending. If yes, download and install them immediately. After the updates again, restart your computer and check if the error is gone.

Method 3: You can use the clipboard through Explorer if the situation is such. The explorer is the place where all the files are stored. Follow the below steps to fix the error:

  • Open the Explorer and go to the Tab option.
  • Now select the Internet option from amongst the Menu
  • Here you can see the Security option. Click on it, and there will be a custom button that flashes on your screen.
  • In the list that comes, choose the Scripting category.
  • In the list that comes, choose the Scripting category.
  • Now click on the “Allow” tab and the “Enable” button to see your clipboard. Use the clipboard from here now.

Method 4: Using the Activity monitor, you can fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed problem. Activity Monitor in a Mac is similar to Task Manager on a Windows PC. Through it, you can see the processes that are running on the Mac. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open Activity Monitor on the Mac.
  • You will see a search box in the top right-hand corner. Type board or pBoard in the search box. Do not add any quotation marks while doing so.
  • In the activity list below, you will see the pBoard process.
  • Click on the X sign on the search bar and clear it
  • Double click on pBoard so that it opens. Now click on Force Quit and end the process.

The pBoard may be stopping you from copying and pasting. By closing it, you can solve the sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed canvas from coming.

Method 5: Though it is improbable that malware would cause this error, but it is not entirely impossible. If none of the tricks work, you could scan your device for Malware. Use any Malware cleaning app, and the issue will be rectified.

In case the error arises after the installation of any app, it is possible that the app is causing the error. Go to your App center and uninstall the app and recheck if you are still facing issues with the clipboard.

Method 6: As a last resort, you may use the terminal fix to solve this error. In this fix, you kill the pBoard task on your Mac. But to do so, you must first close all the other applications that are running.

  • Click on the Finder tool and open it.
  • Go to the Applications section
  • Now click on Utilities and launch the same.
  • Select Terminal in the Utilities section.
  • Now type killall pBoard in the search bar of the Terminal
  • After typing, hit the Enter button
  • Now Exit the Terminal and restart the device

Post this; you will have to see if the copy-paste problem persists or is gone.

Method 7: You can use third-party apps if the error is coming again. These are exclusive software that you can easily search on Google. Download and install them, and you can get the copy-paste feature working as usual.

Method 8: If nothing solves the Sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed error, try reinstalling macOS. But before doing that, you should back up all the data. Post backup, restart your Mac in Recovery Mode. Hold down Command R and press the power button at the same time. Next, choose Reinstall macOS from the macOS utilities.

Hopefully, after this fix, you will not face any more clipboard errors.

How you can prevent the “Sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed error”

Lastly, you must do something to ensure that the error does not come back again. Firstly you should paste the data elsewhere so that you can retrieve it. If you are copying data from one app to another, do not close the app until you have saved the data.

You can also download Clipboard managers to store the data elsewhere. These apps have multiple features that let you keep as much data as you want.

The sorry no manipulations with clipboard allowed could come because of any reason. Hopefully, the above fixes will solve your error. There is no particular issue why this error may crop up. To avoid this situation from arising again, maintain your device regularly. By maintaining your machine regularly, you can stop the error from occurring again.

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