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Apple Ditches Bing, Settles for Google on Siri and macOS Searches

Apple drops Bing, opts for Google.

Next time you search something on internet with Siri on IOS or Spotlight on macOS, your search results won’t be dashed out by Bing but Google. This is the result of Apple’s decision to part ways with Bing and switch over to Google as a new default user on both these platforms. With this decision, Apple has further strengthened its relationship with Google, since the latter is already a default search provider in Safari on Mac and iOS.

As per the deal, Google will offer web links and videos, but Bing will still continue to dash out image results on Siri & macOS. The reason for Apple to stick with Bing for image results is probably because Bing over the years has made a strong niche in the area of ‘image results.’

Apple’s decision to ditch Bing comes at a pretty interesting time, since it has almost clashed with release of IOS 10 that was released nearly a week ago. Not to mention that the decision comes ahead of the release of high sierra.

Is this a fresh setback for Bing?

For Bing that is still desperately trying to catch up with Google in the search engine market, any breaking of commercial ties will come as a setback. Although Bing is still a default search provide on several high profile platforms including Amazon, AOL, and Yahoo/Verizon, but loss of big player like Apple will certainly account for something.

Under the CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been trying very hard to push Bing and challenge Google’s supremacy in the search engine market. Although Bing and other competitors like Baidu have made praiseworthy progress over the years, but Google still continues to hold the fortress. Most experts believe that Bing may still succeed in pushing the market share, but certainly won’t be able to present a formidable challenge to Google anytime soon.                

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