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How to Secure Your Facebook Account from Hacking & Theft

This article will tell you how to secure your Facebook account from hacking & theft. Some of the tips a for your privacy are given below.

Facebook is one of the most user friendly and accessible social networking sites which connects people across the world. People across the world enjoy chatting with their friends, posting their favorite pictures and appreciating their beloved one photograph. But going by the positive things on this site, even the most careful person can be fooled and get hacked for slightest of the negligence.

Recently many of the instances of hacking and online theft have taken place, which has taken many of the unaware Facebook users by surprise. A hacker might easily answer your security questions associated with your online banking account by accessing your profile and can empty your account in a minute.
Hence, we all need to adopt a few measures in order to secure our Facebook account from any kind of hacking and theft.

So, here are a few steps which could protect your Facebook privacy

Enable HTTPS instead of HTTP

Secure your facebook account from hacking & theftWhen you key in the URL for Facebook or any other social networking site, please make sure to use https instead of http. This feature will convert all your conversation and communication in the form of messages in such a way that it cannot be read or understood by unauthorized people and hackers. In other words, by using HTTPS, you are securing the communication between your server and the computer you are using.

To enable https, you need to login to your Facebook account and go to Account and then Account Settings. Select account security under Settings tab and check the box of secure browsing (https).

Do not logout in online chat mode

Hackers can access your account and can check your messages if you are logged out of your account, but your chat service is reflecting as online. Please make sure to disable the chat before logging out.

Selection of email address while creating Facebook account

The email address which you use for your Facebook account should be different from your online banking accounts. If you are selective with your email addresses and periodically change your passwords, you minimize your chances of being hacked.

Enable Text message or email notifications

Do not forget to enable text message or email notification. This will allow you to receive text notifications whenever your account is accessed from a device other than your primary computer or mobile device.

You can tick or choose text or email notification by simply going to account settings and then to security settings. Once you reach security settings, you will get three options. Firstly, you need to go to login approvals and then login notifications.

An immediate notice will be sent from your approved access points via text or email in case anyone is trying to access your account from any other access point other than yours. This step is very important for those who use the same computer and the same internet connection.

Setting up of security question and answer

You can go to Account Settings >> Security Tab and then set up a security question. This will help the site to identify you as the owner of your account, in case of any help you need.

Set up your privacy settings as per your preference

You can set up your privacy settings as per your need. Allow accessibility to only those people whom you know very closely, otherwise anyone can take undue advantage of your personal information and pictures posted on your Facebook account.

For all the new Facebook account holders, please remember that you need to change your Account settings and Privacy settings in order to make your account more secure and safe.

Apart from that, the basic measures which you can take are

You can change your password from time to time in order to keep the hacker away from accessing your account.

Please make sure to install an Anti Virus on your system in order to prevent any kind of malware and adware.

Lastly, please avoid clicking on any app link which has been posted by an unknown user.

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