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Samsung launches Galaxy Tab 750(10.1″) and 730(8.9″) in Indian Markets

This article will give you details about the launch of Samsung galaxy tab 750 and 730 in India. All details are given below.

samsung galaxy tab 750 and 730 in india

It’s August 10 and as reported by us earlier, Samsung India launched today its much awaited tablet devices, named Galaxy Tab 750 and Galaxy Tab 730 into the Indian market and planning to hit retail stores very soon.

Both Galaxy Tab 750 and 730 are just an Indian alias for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 as there’s hardly any change in tech specs between 10.1 and 8.9 incher Samsung tablets released in the west and the ones releasing in India.

By this time, Samsung is probably the only hardware manufacturer that has earned the reputation of being the most innovative and best-selling manufacturer in Android landscape, whether it be Smartphones or tablets.

And while the very first Galaxy Tab(7 incher), despite being laggy and poor from software perspective (runs non-tablet Android version) was the first ever Android tablet that made some quantifiable sales standing against the biggie iPad, it is only now when Samsung has really launched its first competitive, high-potential tablet to consumers and something that beats iPad 2(the mammoth in tablet industry right now) when compared head-to-head in terms of features and hardware specs.

Given the price range that Galaxy Tab 750(~36k) and 730(~33k) fall into, it’s obvious that these tablets are certainly not going to attract Indian masses. Majority of Indian buyers will not expend on buying a tablet until the price comes down to sub 15-20k range(~price range of netbooks).

And given the recent announcement by Reliance about launching its own Android tablet(although 7 incher, carrying ordinary specs) for just about Rs.12,999, it is apparent that other manufacturers and carriers will be targeting prospective Indian market with two potential segments in perspective, one that’s ready to pay more but can’t compromise on features and capabilities and the other that’s very tight on budget and wants basic performance tablet for usual tablet uses.

As popular iPad 2 has had some decent luck with its sales in India but still, way poor than what it has done in US and European markets, it will be interesting to see how Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 and 730 perform in Indian markets.

Samsung has much wider presence and enjoys more consumer trust in India than Apple and that could play a major role in making its latest tablets sell out in big numbers in the time to come. Expect some aggressive advertising campaign from Samsung in the months to follow.

We’ve had some hands-on experience with Galaxy Tab (7 inches) and honestly, it didn’t impress us due to software issues and hardware limitations such as limited screen size, lack of front camera etc. With Android Honeycomb(3.1) and full-throttle hardware specs in place, Galaxy Tab 750 and 730 could certainly be a game changer.

We will put up a detailed product review of Galaxy Tab 750 provided we get hold of it. International reviews have been fairly positive about these tablets and many critics have positioned Galaxy Tab 10.1(or 750) as a better or at least ‘equally good’ alternative to iPad 2. It will be interesting for us to review the tablet inch by inch if Samsung decides to send us one!

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