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Phinkit Review gives the social networking a sense of value other than just meeting and poking around your friends. Phinkit review is detailed here.

Social Networking has overpowered every sphere of our lives in a very seamless way. Most of us are glued to FaceBook for more than 50% of our daily routine. But can we be more productive with these social networks? Instead of posting pictures of our kittens, can these social networks be worth some brand value?


The answer to the above questions is a Yes. This article deals with a very innovative website called which gives the social networking a sense of value other than just meeting and poking around your friends.

This website can be considered as a social multimedia website which focuses on business, community and brand building rather than just following your friends and playing with posts. This website allows its users called ‘Phinkers’ to post rather interesting content in the form of videos, photos or text.

The major focus here is on the value of the posted content rather than making more of your friends to comment on it or like it. So you can say that instead of playing around, like in FaceBook, ‘the Phinkers’ have an opportunity to go even deeper.

This website is a free and very innovative way for people looking for promoting their brand, business, ideas or personality with a panache factor. The users here connect on the basis of common interests and ideas rather than their social lives.

Phinkit works pretty well because, the website is completely community and value based, making it easy for people with common ideas and concepts to interact with each other. The vibrancy of the website makes it a hell of an icebreaker to encourage the people to explore and interact with various business ideas in a relaxed manner.

To enable every user to derive maximum utilization from this website, the social network provides an excellent and very creative support system. The website also integrates your FaceBook, Twitter and other social networking profiles which can be updated from within this website. In a way, the website will be your perfect hub for being virtually and socially active.

Since its very introduction, which was not very long ago, the website is being followed by users from more than 70 countries around the globe. The website is trying to bring a kind of freshness in the already existing social networking trends.

With this website, you will get a flavor of fun and uniqueness while being socially active which even FaceBook and Twitter could not provide to its users after a long time usage.

It will be very interesting to notice the reactions of both the youth and the business oriented masses to this website. Though the concept is relatively new but is far more productive than anyone can ever imagine.

Just think of the possible outcomes when you are able to advertise your brand, business or idea not just among your friends and known ones but also among the people who are actually related to that idea somehow or want to utilize that service of yours. Besides, why put in hours separately to distinct social networks to get noticed, when you can just go with and let it do the rest.

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