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Pinterest is an online pinboard for all things that interest you. Everything is documents on your online pinboard through images and other users can share or add your pinned stuff onto their own pinboard, if they wish to.


Qwiki provides a way for the people to experience the information that they’re looking for. It’s an all new way of information consumption as the same information in textual format is technically re-processed and presented


Getaround is an online marketplace that facilitates peer-to-peer car-sharing and rental service. It lets any car owner to rent his or her car to anyone who requires it at affordable rates through this marketplace.


It’s a revolutionary hardware based system that enables your smartphone to start accepting Credit card payments with a quick swipe, making it super easy and affordable to receive payments at stores or anywhere.


It’s a dedicated Social Network for Beauty professionals to network with other businesses, explore new clients and grow their business while offering great discounts and offers to their clients.


It provides an simple way to keep notes, ideas etc documented at a unified place, with no restriction on which device you use to create any note. Everything remains in full sync and accessbile through any device.


It’s a boundless marketplace to learn anything from anyone, anywhere. The concept anyone, with any type of skills to start teaching his skills to other interested people.


It’s a platform that helps web publishers monetize their outbound traffic more effectively than the old-school methods of monetization of web traffic.


An online platform that helps people outsource every small household task they find tough to do themselves. Taskrabbit partners with local businesses and freelancers to create an efficient system of service seeks and providers.


It’s a revolutionary, people-powered system to detect and report fraudulent charging of your Credit Card. It takes note of millions of complaints from Credit card users and keeps enhancing its exisitng system of detecting any fraud with your CC.


Meet India’s largest and fastest growing Daily deals site. Snapdeal has raised over $12 million in its last round of funding and has been most aggressive in its marketing campaigns in India.

Keep checking us out as we explore and add more Innovative startups to this elite list…

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