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BizOnBytes : A Business Management and Networking Utility

bizonbytesThis article is about bizonbytes business management and networking. Bizonbytes is a business management and networking platform for business owners.

As majority of online population is on Facebook, Myspace and other social network today, it’s quite intuitive to figure out reasons why Online Social Networks have become unbelievably important to our personal lives. Most of us have some sort of community on these networking sites, where we communicate amongst each other, share pics, videos, play games, listen to music and do similar stuff.

Now, like social networks, do we have such a rich community oriented platform to benefit our businesses ? Well, you might say LinkedIn but LinkedIn is limited to Business networking only.

Business owners and entrepreneurs would have loved a community driven platform that could serve not only as a business networking arena but also as a web based utility for serving other critical business needs. Here’s the aspirin for the problem we’re talking about. Meet BizOnBytes.


On BizOnBytes, there are plenty of things that a business owner or entrepreneur can take advantage of. As the real emphasis remains building a rich business community, business networking remains the most critical factor but apart from that, business owners can benefit from numerous features such as…

  • Client, employee and supply chain management
  • Manage income  and expenditures for fund tracking
  • Create company’s website and write business oriented articles for product promotion etc
  • Open online product/service store to promote and sell your product within the community
  • Explore prospective business clients and suppliers
  • Generate Invoices and receipts

These integrated features make it a unique Business Management and Networking platform for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

BizOnBytes offers two plans to sign up, Lite edition and Premium edition. Lite edition comes at NO cost but the Premium edition is the one to choose here as it is FREE for 1 year from the day you sign up.


In case, you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or a professional, go try out this service. You got to be patient for a while as every networking platform seems a lonely planet at early stage but once you invite your business relations, spend some time there, you would start seeing the hidden value of the system.

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