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Wix raises $3.5 Million more…proving its worth quite well

Wix has recently raised $3.5 Mn in funding making a total funding of $8.5Mn till now.They are having steady growth till now.

Wix,a flash website builder service which we reviewed earlier has recently raised $3.5 Million from Mangrove Capital Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners,making its overall funding total to $8.5 Million.

When we reviewed this web service in May,2008,Wix was in closed beta but its product was strong enough to let us realise its worth at that time itself.It proposed a solution to the core problem of flash websites-‘SEO unfriendliness’,by making the content of the website crawlable by search engines.

In our recent post titled Website designing for beginners,we listed Wix and few other website building services(Weebly,Synthasite,Snappages) which can really help naive users create professional websites within no time.

Today,Wix is serving more than 2,00,000 users and all its user generated websites accounted for more than 20 million pageviews last month.

The source of revenue for Wix is ‘paid premium account'(upto $10 a month) system but they can do a lot more than what they are doing at the moment(they can take some good lesson from Weebly’s business model and how they monetize their services).

Have a look at a flash website which took about 45-60 mins to get done through Wix’s flash editor.

According to us,they will show even brighter growth in the future but they must do something to enable the users,push ads into their websites created through Wix(although it may not be easy for flash websites).Thanks Erick.

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