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Nuvro- Innovative Online Project Management Tool

Founded in April 2017 by Adrian Degus, Nuvro is an innovative online project management tool which helps you manage your teams more effectively. Nuvro is the best project management solution that can cater to the needs of marketing companies like SEMCentric which was also founded by Adrian. It is cloud-based project management software for distributed teams with various features such as secure document management, Team management, Workload management, Team performance reviews, Notes, To-Do lists and much more.

Nuvro was created to bridge the gap between existing project management tools which cater to either large enterprises or very small teams. With Nuvro you can gain complete control over all your projects, team members, pending tasks, workload and other parameters required to monitor the progress of your ongoing projects. Nuvro provides an efficient way to create, schedule, assign and monitor projects of all sizes. Nuvro also aims to provide a robust system for team management and helps you gain valuable insight into what all of your team members are doing at any point in time.


Whether you are a project manager or founder of a start-up, your focus will be on improving the efficiency of your team and overall productivity of your organization. All the businesses aim to increase productivity through process optimization and use various tools to monitor the progress of ongoing projects. Nuvro is one such tool which can help you manage all your resources effectively and automate certain repetitive tasks. Featuring unlimited users and unlimited projects, Nuvro helps you to manage your projects, documents, tasks and your entire team in a better way. Nuvro helps you keep track of all your resources, facilitate better communication and minimize the time and effort required to complete your projects.

Product Features

Nuvro offers a list of exciting features as below,

  1. It has a clean, 3-pane user-interface which is very interactive and user-friendly. A robust project management dashboard which gives you a 10k ft. view of all your projects, on one clean page.
  2. Project calendars which clearly shows the project timelines along with workload.
  3. Smart Team Management Dashboards which allow you to manage and collaborate with distributes teams and freelancers.
  4. Workload calendars which offer a detailed picture of workload currently assigned to all your team members.
  5. Quick Online Notes similar to Evernote and OneNote, which allows you to jot down your ideas, drafts and thoughts instantly.
  6. Quick To-Do lists for simple tasks which don’t require scheduling.
  7. Automatic alerts and e-mail notifications for important events like new project assignments, shared notes, project comments or updates etc.
  8. Nuvro Messaging for faster internal communication and avoid the clutter of email. It helps to keep your team communication more organized and allows your team members to discuss, share project updates, provide feedback and collaborate effectively.
  9. Detailed Task Management with individual sub-tasks which makes it easy to quickly create and assign tasks to individual team members. You can view the Task calendars of individual team members to quickly visualize and distribute workload accordingly.
  10. Document Manager to securely share important files among your team members. It allows you to keep all your documents organized in a common location. With daily backups and enterprise-grade security, your documents will be safe and can be efficiently shared among team members on the need basis.

Nuvro is the only non-enterprise tool which offers team management. It allows project managers to view the workload and tasks of individual team members and monitor their performance over time. Along with Project and Task management, it has various collaboration features including a Team dashboard, internal alternative to email, secure document sharing and much more.


Nuvro offers a 30-day free trial for new users with unlimited projects and teams. Their monthly subscription fee is only $25 for small teams with up to 10 members. Enterprises with larger teams can get individual quotes based on their requirement. They also offer annual discounts for start-ups, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.


If you are a start-up or a small business with a tight budget, Nuvro is the best cost-effective project management solution for you. Nuvro is the robust cloud-based project management tool with an excellent set of features required for managing distributed teams. It goes beyond the standard task and project management features found in similar products available in the market. Nuvro is an ideal solution for both project and team management and is suitable for businesses of any size.

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