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Microsoft Office 2010 Training

Here’s the complete tutorial for Microsoft Office 2010 training and the latest offering in Microsoft Office 2010.

If you’ve been using Microsoft Office 2003 or any of the earlier versions than Office 2003, then it may take you some time in adapting or rather training your mind to start using Microsoft Office 2010 in an effective manner.

In many ways, Office 2010 is similar to Office 2007, especially the UI, rather the Ribbon UI that was introduced with the launch of Office 2007.

If you’re using Office 2007, then your learning curve for Office 2010 will rather be steep. To learn about the specific changes introduced in Office 2010 and how they compare to Office 2007, take a look at this head-on comparison of Office 2007 vs Office 2010 .

Now, let us first learn about the latest offerings in Microsoft Office 2010.

The biggest highlight of Microsoft Office 2010 is the launch of Web based Office Applications, also known as Office Web Apps.

With Microsoft Office 2010, the users can choose to work between their typical desktop based office applications or working the same way on web based MS Office applications via web browser.

It’s analogous to integrating Google Docs with desktop based MS Office applications(Google Docs is only for mere analogy). Although Web versions of Office applications are limited in features compared to Desktop versions, but the fact that Web based MS Office is FREE to use justifies limited capabilities in it.

Free Office 2010 Training videos:

Microsoft Office 2010 training video:


Microsoft Word 2010 training video:


Microsoft Excel 2010 training video:


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Office 2010 Developer Training Kit

Office 2010 training for learners is one case while Office 2010 training for developers is another. Those developers who wish to develop for Office 2010 can learn about the basics and advanced tools available to them via a specially crafted Office 2010 Training kit.

Earlier, Microsoft released beta version of Office 2010 Training kit but as per the latest release, full version of developer training kit is available right here. The developer training kit got released for public use, almost one year after the actual product launch and therefore, Office 2010 developer training kit is fully tested and ready for serve as a developer knowledge base and training material.


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Apart from turning to Cloud for web based MS Office , many other features have also been added to current office applications suite. In fact, Microsoft Office 2010 is a totally re-worked Office 2010 in certain aspects.

Check out the latest features and enhancements done in Microsoft Office 2010 and get a basic brush-up of various aspects of it.

Microsoft Office 2010 : Features and Updates

Microsoft Word 2010

In the upcoming Office 2010, when the word documents created in desktop based Word 2010 will be accessed or edited in the browser version of Word 2010, the ‘Document Fidelity’ will be preserved. It means that whether you’re using browser version or desktop version, the formatting and overall appearance of the article under edit will remain nearly the same. The documents can be published to the browser via the desktop version itself.

With Desktop version of Word 2010, multiple users will be able to do simultaneous document editing. This ability to collaboratively work on a single document is not available in the web version of Word 2010.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Excel spreadsheets also have the browser version apart from the desktop one. Although, some of the desktop version’s features are absent in browser version, MS Excel spreadsheets is much feature-rich compared to Google Spreadsheets. An innovative feature called Sparklines has been introduced by Microsoft, which visually represents the data trend over a time period.

Collaborative editing feature is also present in Excel 2010.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Two new features have been introduced to the early set of Powerpoint tools. Image editing and Video editing tools. The editing tools offer basic functionality of editing such as image/video cropping. Users can also collaborate on the same powerpoint presentation using live sharing with other users.

Hence, powerpoint presentations can be shared with other people in real-time mode(with the help of Microsoft Sharepoint). The presentations created on desktop version can be published on web as well. Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Browser version doesn’t allow video editing features.

Microsoft Outlook 2010

The User Interface of this desktop based email client has been enhanced to make the emails look more like a conversation hierarchy. Search functionality has been improvised as well, making it much easier to filter content hidden within email conversations. The users can also choose to ignore selective email conversations if they wish to.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Like Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint has also got a ribbon User Interface, making it look more like a typical Microsoft product, just like MS Word and others. Now, you can tag documents with the name of the author and can share files more seemlessly.

With enhanced and cloud based version of Microsoft Office coming in the year 2010, the new age enterprises which are already relying on Cloud based services will surely get their hands on Microsoft’s cloud apps.

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