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Microsoft gets high on Coca Cola – Top Trending News

Here are the top 5 trending news from the world of technology…have a look. 


Microsoft gets high on Coca Cola

Of course, Coca Cola doesn’t get you high at all but we really aren’t sorry for this spicy headline. To put things in bit perspective here, Microsoft has landed a big five year deal with Coca Cola for supplying business software tools. As part of this deal, Microsoft will be providing its popular products like Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamic 365 to help Coca Cola in simplifying its business.


WhatsApp says 70% drop in COVID 19 viral messages


WhatsApp seems to have succeeded in controlling the menace of fake messages and misinformation on coronavirus. The instant messaging giant, which is owned by Facebook, has said that it has witnessed 70% drop in ‘highly forwarded’ messages that are prone to spreading fake and misinformation on the deadly virus. WhatsApp got into act, after WHO said that controlling threat of fake news was critical for winning the war against this ongoing pandemic.


New software update helps Tesla to resolve traffic conundrum

Tesla vehicles started getting a software update over the last weekend and is likely to make the life of Americans a lot more easier. Thanks to this update, Tesla vehicles can now precisely recognize and respond to traffic signals. Although this feature is currently available only on selected models, the company plans to expand it to other models in the coming months.


Meet Eileen, at age 105, she is probably WhatsApp’s oldest user

Eileen, a resident of Buckinghamshire (UK), is discovering how it feels to talk with her daughter through Whatsapp. At age 105, this may not be all that smooth experience for this old lady but she certainly claims to be having lot of fun. And for this not so smooth yet fun experience, Eileen may get her name recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record. That’s because she happens (in all probability) the oldest Whatsapp user in the world.


Netflix’s new documentary on Obama isn’t about Barack Obama….it is about his better half

Michelle Obama has to be among the most loved and adored first lady of America. And now Americans will get to know much more about this former first lady. Streaming giant Netflix is all set to release a documentary on Michelle Obama on May 6th. The documentary is titled ‘Becoming,’ which is the same title as her memoir that was released two years back.

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