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How Twitteratti Is Hashtaging Japan Catastrophe

Japan twitter hashtagsTwitter is playing a significant role as a platform in keeping the information flow intact. This article will tell you about japan twitter hashtags.

Twitter has truly emerged one such web service that’s effectively playing a huge role in bringing power to the people in the times of Civil wars and Natural disasters.

It’s a service where majority of registered users still don’t tweet much but keep using the service for staying current with real-time information stream of people, events and mishaps across the globe.

The latest incident where Twitter has played/currently playing a significant role as a platform in keeping the information flow intact is catastrophe in Japan that hit the Island country on March 11, 2011.

Massive earthquakes, then devastating Tsunami and currently Nuclear meltdown and persistent aftershocks, the problems in Japan are not appearing to stop at the moment and Twitter seems constantly buzzed with loads of tweets on the situation in Japan.

Major news broadcasters like BBC and CNN are doing their job well enough but there is no comparison of how Twitter is acting as a Go-To service for anyone, even Japanese people, to find the latest ongoing situation in Japan.

That’s one reason why Twitter is actually acting as an information resource for even news reporters around the world as well. And it’s not just about alerts and ground reality updates but prayers and donations as well, that are flowing down the Twitter stream round the clock.

Various hashtags are acting as a great way of digging information about various activities relating to Japan mishap. Some of those hashtags have been trending on Twitter but not all the time so here’s a quick roundup of Japan related hashtags that have been trending on Twitter since March 11.

#prayforjapan: Prayers and encouraging thoughts are going out as tweets for the people of Japan.

#tsunami: Trending hashtag when the tsunami hit coastal towns and cities of Japan

#helpjapan #textredcross: Tweets relating to donations to help affected people in Japan

#nuclear #fukushima: Tweets related to news, thoughts and opinions on the critical situation of Nuclear reactors in Japan

#Sendai: About North Japan city hit by tsunami

#tokyodisneyland: People who were stuck up in Disneyland when the Tsunami struck

#japan: Common hashtag about issues in Japan

To dig into these trending topics, just search on twitter with following hashtags.

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