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iPhone 4: Magical, Revolutionary & Flawed. Period

iPhone 4 flawsThis article will tell you about the iPhone 4 flaws. Here are the complete details.

Update: iPhone 4 has launched in India. Here are all the details including iPhone 4 price in India.

Over the past week or so, i have been hearing about iPhone 4, iPhone 4 and just iPhone 4(and i guess, i am not the only one).

Most of the elite technology bloggers are always ready with some hot-cooked story relating to iPhone 4, whether that story revolves around reviewing the iPhone 4 or detailing every single feature that’s been introduced in the new iPhone.

But for the first time, iPhone has got trapped into a serious problem, the Antenna problem. It has been so widely reported on the internet by now that just about everyone has heard about it or actually experienced it (early iPhone 4 buyers).

As thousands of people have already demonstrated with their iPhone 4 units that the signal attenuation problem does exist, there is no reason trusting Apple when it says that its just the signal bar display issue, nothing else.

Actually, Apple has brutally crushed all the hopes of Apple enthusiasts who were dreaming of some magical, revolutionary solution to this Antenna design problem from Apple.

Apple has committed to release an update in a couple of weeks to fix this issue but actually, the problem is most likely to remain as it is today. The software update will basically reduce the signal bars, displayed at any given time and location in an iPhone 4 but it will not improve the signal strength(which basically enables you voice/data calling), neither will it improve the abrupt degradation of signal that occurs when you hold the iPhone 4 touching its lower left side.

Now, all those Apple Fanboys who used to boast iPhone like a magic device are themselves blaming Apple for a flawed antenna design, a revolutionary design that doesn’t even allow users to hold the phone normally.

I’m sure that Apple won’t be able to recover so easily from all this fuss. The massive 1.7Mn unit sales that iPhone 4 had during first three days of its launch must have already dropped sharply by now and future sales aren’t looking extremely good(as predicted by everyone earlier) as well. I suspect that future iPhone buyers will likely choose to be safe than sorry.

It’s good to have a phone that’s sleek, stylish, sexy, comes with a superb camera, great resolution, 720p video making, Facetime(WiFi based video calling), cool apps etc..etc but what’s the use if you have to hold the phone abnormally, just to get a voice call through.

Evolution is about turning impossible things possible, not the other way round.

Simultaneously, I can imagine the big smile on the faces of leading android phone manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung with the plight of Apple. This satirical advertisement of Droid X gives a living proof of that.

And from my own experience with Motorola Droid, i would love putting money over the bigger 4.3 incher, 8MP brother of Droid, the Droid X, rather than even thinking of buying the Magical, the Revolutionary the flawed iPhone 4.

As a final word, Apple will regret the Antenna design they introduced in iPhone 4 and will go back to the conventional Antenna design in iPhone 5, without compromising on the aesthetics of the iPhone. That’s the only way out for Apple now!

Go buy the ‘ugly’ bumpers, fanboys !

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