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Install Windows 8 on Kindle Fire

Kindle fire is a brilliant Tablet by Amazon. This article will help you in installing windows 8 on Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire is the Android based budget tablet from Amazon Inc that is heavily centered on Amazon’s business streams like books, videos and music etc. This tablet carries a mixed bag of reactions from the users and critics. Generally most of the reviews written by the users or critics are on positive note thus making Amazon Kindle Fire one of the most popular tablets.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD comes with a proprietary OS that has been developed on Android ecosystem. But some of the observations that were made on this OS go against Kindle Fire as the observers stated that it is “sluggish” in functioning and cause “slow experience” that really bogs the user. Its non-expandable memory is another reason that goes against Kindle Fire.

Some of the enthusiasts have tried to root the tablet and tried to install the OS of their choice. Most of them have succeeded in finding ‘another way’ to customize the Kindle Fire’s ROM. Previously, Windows 7 was successfully working on Kindle Fire by just pressing ‘continue’ button whenever there is a message that hauls the usage. But this ‘continue’ feature has been disabled in Windows 8 and hence it needs an exceptional method to have Windows 8 reboot on the tablet. Following are the simple steps that could help you in installing Windows 8 on Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire HD

  • Firstly click on the Charms Bar and open it.
  • Here you would find “Settings” button. Click on it.
  • From the options displayed there, select “Change PC Settings.”
  • Under these settings you have to now select the tab called ‘General’ and click it.
  • At the bottom of the General tab you would find “Advanced Startup”. Select it.
  • Now you would be shown with an option “Restart Now”. Just tap on it.
  • Here you would be shown with two options i.e. (a) Troubleshoot Options and (b) Advanced Options.
  • Now click on “Startup Settings” which opens up another screen with “Restart” button. Click on this option and restart the tablet.

Once the above is done, install the ADB drivers of Kindle and once they are successfully installed you can root Amazon Kindle Fire HD to install Windows 8.



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