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Install WhatsApp on iPad without iPhone

If you wish to Install WhatsApp on your iPad as it makes you feel more comfortable , take tips form the article on the ways of installing WhatsApp on iPad without using iPhone .

These days with the evolution of iPad that has become an integral part of one’s life, it has become very easy to carry out various activities. The iPad is known for its sophistication and style and various informative applications can be made use of in the iPad that are helpful to people. It plays a very significant role in connecting people across the world and its benefits can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s dwelling.

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Why should “WhatsApp” be installed:

The “WhatsApp” must be installed on iPad as it provides the facility to send and receive free MMS and SMS messages. An application like WhatsApp is very useful as it permits to send any amount of messages without any limit and tariff to your friends and relatives in just few seconds. There are no charges incurred for these services, except that the iPad must have a 3 G and Wi-Fi connection. This application can be attained even from the app store at a very low cost and is worth the values as it provides access to send and receive even audio and videos.

Method to install “WhatsApp” on iPad:

This popular app is very valuable as it helps to connect with friends anytime and anywhere and saves a lot of your money that must have been spent on messaging. This app cannot be installed directly on the iPad and so it must be installed in the old fashioned way by installing it on the Mac. For this it is necessary to first go to iTunes and then to the iTunes store and after this the application must be typed in the search file. It would be seen on the iPhone list and not on the iPad and so the next step would be to download the iPhone version and the password must be entered and that does not take much off time.

The other method is to get the installation file and this can be achieved using the.ipa file format. In this one needs to go to the music folder and then click iTunes or iTunes Media depending on the OS. One can get to see the .ipa files that have been downloaded and after finding the “WhatsApp “file in the list, it can be dragged to the desktop.

The most important requirement for installation is the phone number to which the verification code is sent. This verification entered provides access to this very valuable application that is used by millions of people across the world to get connected. The other most important feature that must be kept in mind is that the messages and videos can be sent to family and friends who have installed this application in their Smartphone’s or iPad. They are very efficient in reducing the monthly bills and are a great means of communication that technology has provided the masses. So install this app on your iPad and stay connected with friends and this is must have app for everyone these days.

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