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Install WhatsApp on iPad using iPhone Configuration utility

Installing WhatsApp on iPad using iPhone configuration utility is a great and a very new idea, if you too wish to do it learn here the easy way of installing WhatsApp on iPad using iPhone configuration utility .

The “WhatsApp” application has gained immense popularity all over the world as it is a great medium that helps to get connected with people across the world free of cost. This application is not compatible with iPod touch and iPad, but it can be configured without jail breaking the device. The main important requirement for iPhone configuration and utility is downloading of iTunes for Mac and Windows.

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The steps involved in the process are:

  • The iTunes must be opened and you must look for Apps that are not compatible with iPad
  • The iPhone Configuration utility must be installed and opened and before that it is very necessary to check that the iPad is connected to the Mac or Windows PC.
  • The panel on the left of the configuration utility must be checked and the application must be clicked. The .ipa file must that needs to be added must be located and dropped to the iPhone configuration utility. It is necessary to check that the iPad is present in the list.
  • After this the user must click on the device and go to the application. A list of applications will be seen and one can see even the install button  next to the WhatsApp application that can be clicked to gain access to this application which is amazing and very useful to people. It is very helpful as one can send important documents and information to people who have installed this application within minutes.

Configuration of profiles and application installation can be managed with iPhone configuration and after this only is installation permitted. This process is a little bit technical, but tutorials are made accessible for people to install the apps and that it accompanied with graphics and videos.

The result of the installation of the “WhatsApp” application depends on the version of the operating system of the device. And in case the user encounters any problems in this process it is best to make use of beta versions.

Other Resources for Installation:

  • “WhatsApp” can be obtained from an iPad-PDF
  • “WhatsApp” messenger for apple iPad.
  • The main purpose of iPhone configuration utility is it helps to create, maintain and install configuration profiles. It is also helpful in tracking authorized applications and capture device information. These files contain XML files that contain device security policy, Wi-Fi settings,  exchange account settings and even mail settings that provide the iPad and iPhone permission to  work with enterprise systems.
  • The “WhatsApp” messenger can be purchased at USD 0.99 and it turns out to be much cheaper than the SMS cost. All these steps are necessary to download this fantastic app which is compatible with many Smartphone’s and that provides an excellent means of getting connected.
  • Install this app and have fun by just opening the iTunes media folder and the most important thing that must be kept in mind is that the user  must  plug in your iPad with the USB cable as then only  will  the PC detect your iPad automatically.

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