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Install Borderlands Dlc without Hard Drive

If hard drive is coming between you and your favourite game as a problem then here is the complete procedure to get rid of that problem , learn here the way of Installing Borderlands Dlc without hard drive .

Borderland DLC is one among the favorite games of the gaming fanatics. In most cases it is installed in gaming consoles like Xbox 360 with the help of hard disk drives. Installing Borderland DLC always require a hard disk drive or at least USB storage device. The process of installing this game with higher memory space occupancy is not that simple. One needs to have at least 16 GB of memory in a memory stick to install this game. Most buyers while purchasing Borderland DLC either buy a new memory stick or at least borrow one to successfully complete the installation saga! Now, one can get it installed without any hard drive.

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Switch to Flash Drives :

In order to install Borderland DLC if you think using hard drives is not the right option for you or an affordable procedure then switch to flash drives. Flash drives usually won’t cost you much and they make the installation process really effortless. Be ready with a good flash drive and an Xbox and now installing Borderland DLC will only take you a shorter time span without forcing you to make any geeky move.

Step 1 – Download Borderland DLC to an Xbox and make sure the version you are downloading is compatible with your Xbox.

Step 2 – Connect the flash drive to the Xbox and copy the entire folder in it. This process may take a longer while but ensure that you do not run any other application while doing this. Running other applications may abort the copy process.

Step 3 – Plug out the Flash drive from the Xbox and now run the application in order to install it in the new device.

GOTY – A Better Alternative:

If you think the above mentioned process is difficult or it may not work out for you then rent a GOTy version for a day. The cost of this renting will be too less when compared to buying a hard drive with extended memory or a new flash drive. Once you rent a GOTY then you can download unlimited GOTY game in a day’s time with maximum speed. There are borderland DLC versions available that can be downloaded to multiple consoles. Make use of GOTY to download such Borderland DLC installation option and enjoy having a backup of your favorite game.

Most important points to consider while installing borderland DLC are:

  • Make sure the game is the latest version and your device supports it.
  • Copy the entire file even if it notes that the file is a runtime file
  • Configure your flash drive if you are installing Borderland DLC to your flash drive. The FD’s configuration with the updated Xbox is really important.
  • Make sure your RAM is more at least 2 GB is preferred.
  • Do not spend over an FD with more space. This is simply waste of money. A FD with 16 GB storage is ample for Borderland games.

Finally, do not forget to keep the flash drive plugged in to the Xbox or to the GOTY when you download borderland files to it.

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