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Instagram accused of Promoting Adult & Sex Content

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Instagram accused of Promoting Adult & Sex Content

A report prepared by Stanford University Researchers has accessed Instagram’s algorithms of promoting accounts that shared child sexual abuse content. The researchers found that these adults accounts were often able to bypass Instagram’s detection systems by using several tricks like hashtag trick. They also accused that Instagram did not take any major action to remove these sexually harmful accounts or the content from the platform. This latest damaging revelation is likely to put more spotlight on Instagram’s inability to protect its users against harmful content. Meta, on its part, has said that it is working to address these concerns.


Amazon reportedly planning ad-supported Tier for Prime Video

After Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is planning to launch an ad-supported tier for its viewers. According to The Wall Street Journal, the new tier would be capped at $6.99 per month, which is $2 cheaper than the current ad-free tier. It is still unclear when Amazon plans to launch the ad-supported tier, but it is expected to be available sometime in 2023. With competition becoming more and more tough in the streaming market, going forward ad-supported plan may very become norm in the industry. But Only time will tell whether such plans will bring joy for the streaming industry.


Britain to host first Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence Safety

U.K will host the first global summit on artificial intelligence safety later this year. The summit will bring together key countries, leading tech companies and researchers to agree safety measures to evaluate and monitor the most powerful AI systems. It is still not confirmed whether big tech companies like Apple, Meta and Google will participate in this event or not. Contentious issues like AI governance, AI ethics and AI safety are likely to dominate this summit. Notably, this will be first such global event to be held on AI safety, which will be a significant move to build a global consensus on AI safety and security.


Twitter’s Ad Sales dropped by 59 percent in One year

Twitter’s ad sales have reportedly dropped by 59 percent since last year, according to internal report cited by The New York Times. The company reportedly made $88 million in U.S.-based advertising sales during a five-week period starting April 1, which is down 59% compared to the same period last year. This sharp decline could be attributed to number of reasons. The one primary reason is that the major advertisers have deserted the microblogging platform following billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover in October last year. Musk’s numerous controversial decisions including his decision to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s account may not have gone too well with the advertisers.


Byju’s launches AI Suit ‘Byju’s Wiz’ for Personalized Learning   

India’s edtech giant Byju’s has launched an AI suite called ‘BYJU’S WIZ.’ This The suite basically includes three AI models: BADRI, MathGPT, and TeacherGPT. Byju’s claim that this AI suite will aid its students to learn more effectively and also helps teachers to better understand their students. The AI suite is currently available only in English and Hindi languages and will be available in India, U.S and U.K. The company said that these AI products will be soon available in more countries.

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