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I Do Not Own The Rights To This Music: How To Avoid Copyright Violation?

Sometimes when you are going through social media like Facebook, you read the comment “I do not own the rights to this music”. But do you think posting this message allows people to share someone else’s music as their own? Not exactly, as this is also considered as a sort of copyright infringement.

I do not own the rights to this music

A copyright protects the ownership of the music. So even if the other person mentions the disclaimer, he still is not authorized to use the content. There is an exception to this rule which is known as “Fair use.” But again, this condition is applicable when you use it for commenting, reporting, teaching, etc.

Here we will share with you what it means when people share content on Facebook and just mention I do not own the rights to this song.

I do not own the rights to this music: Is it okay to use copyrighted music on Facebook?

Often we feel that we can use copyrighted music on Facebook. However, let us be clear with you. In no way does Facebook allow any copyrighted music to be aired without the original owner’s knowledge. 

You can only use the copyrighted music if you have permission to use it. If you upload any video on Facebook that uses a track, you do not have a license for, you will face a penalty or possibly Facebook jail.

How to avoid copyright infringement on Facebook

When we talk of copyright infringement, you have to be particularly careful. It is immaterial if you are posting your content on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

Read the platform’s copyright policies. As per Facebook’s copyright policies, if you don’t want to violate any rules, then you must post content that you have made. You cannot just mention “I do not own the rights to this music” and get away with it. 

This can be confusing. You could find a song on YouTube and add it to your post. Or you bought a song on iTunes and shared it on your platform. The sad truth is that all these scenarios mean violating copyright law. Hence you must read the copyright rules of the platform concerned.

Avoid sharing any music that is not licensed. It is easy to get carried away and share any music that comes your way. If you have still not been able to get the license from the original creator, avoid posting it further. 

How you can post music without copyright? 

Despite everything, you can still try to post your music. There are some secret ways to do so. Have a look:

1. Use stock libraries

These stock libraries have an extensive collection of music that aspiring musicians have created. However, these tracks would be instrumental with no lyrics included. Such songs are clearly accepted on all major platforms. But they are not quite popular. Finding a hit song from this collection is difficult. But definitely, it will solve your problem of Facebook copyright music.

2. Get a license from the copyright owner

On the other hand, you could get the license from the original copyright owner. But finding this information is not going to be easy for you. This is because different people may have the copyright to play or record the song. Also, even if you can find the person, they may not agree to give you the license. Or they may even ask you to pay a considerable sum to get the license. 

3. Use Facebook Sound collection

You must know that Facebook has its own sound collection for users. Facebook has partnered with numerous publishers and creators to offer you this collection. This collection is designed such that the users add music and sound to their posts without worrying about copyright. Facebook has the right to own all these sounds. So you cannot expect something exceptional in this collection. If you wish to make a strong impact, you must look for a sound elsewhere.

4. Using royalty-free music

Just like the Facebook sound collection, you can retrieve songs from a royalty-free music library. The libraries keep copyrighted music. You can share this music on your posts and don’t have to pay any royalty on the use. But remember that you might still have an upfront fee which could be huge. Also, these libraries have stock music that may not serve your purpose.

What happens if you post copyrighted videos

You may be thinking I do not own the rights to this music on Facebook but can  I still post the video. The truth is that Facebook is very strict about catching people who do that. As soon as Facebook gets to know, they will remove the video. They will send you an email regarding that. In the email, they will notify you why they have removed the video.

In case you have the rights to the video, you can contact the person who reported your video. You can also file a counter-notification and solve the matter amicably. However, if you continue to post music videos without copyrights, they will mark you as a repeat offender. Facebook might close your account permanently or disable it. 

It totally depends on how many times you have violated the rules. If you have done it considerably, Facebook might just stop you from posting on your account. This banning may be for a few days or weeks. You will be notified of the duration when you try to post something.


If you do not have rights to any music and still post it on Facebook, it could be a big problem in the long run. Just mentioning “we do not own the rights to this music” is not the solution in such a situation. Remember that Facebook and other platforms are very strict about copyright violations. If you cannot follow their guidelines, you might be penalized sooner or later. To avoid that, either follow the methods suggested above or just create your own music. That is the safest alternative you can adopt in this scenario.

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