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How to Use Wireless Mouse with iPad

In this article we will tell you how to use wireless mouse with iPad. Here’s the complete procedure.

Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad are the most preferred smartphones in the world. The approximate size of user base of iPad by 2014 is estimated to be more than 90 million in the United States alone.  The success of Apple’s iPad can be ascribed to many unique features like intuitive design, powerful iOS, integration of innovative technologies, excellent app stores etc. Alongside of these, iPad has got greatest features to support people suffering from different defects and impairments of vision, hearing, physical/motor skills etc.

But at the same time, iPad has been stopped short of integrating certain extra features. One of the frequently asked questions is “can you use a wireless mouse with an ipad?” And the answer is “No.” Yes, Apple does not allow iPad users to connect a wireless mouse. And this non-interface of wireless mouse is not possible with any generation of iPad.

It could be due to the technical reason that touch control is better than mouse control. Yet, many users found mouse being more comfortable Use Wireless Mouse with iPadwhile working with applications like Word processors, spread sheets etc. Also, mouse would be a lot of help while typing large documents. Hence mouse cannot be isolated from desktops, laptops and also from smartphones.

iPad support official wireless keyboard i.e. iPad Keyboard Dock accessory but the reasons for its inability of to support mouse are remaining obscure and hardly any clarification is available from Apple. Still people wonder as to how to connect a wireless mouse on ipad. That is why innumerable enthusiasts have tried to find out the ways to achieve the integration.

Some explorers have jail-broke the iPad to identify the ways as to how a wireless mouse could be connected to iPad. It is well known that Apple does not extend the warranty on jailbreak iPads or iPhones. But these enthusiasts have gone ahead and broke the iPad to identify the possible ways of connecting wireless mouse.

Some others have examined the available options and have found certain answers. Firstly let us see how to connect a wireless mouse by using the existing setup options.

Connecting Bluetooth Mouse with iPad

  • Open up the System Preferences of your iPad and click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on + symbol that appears right below the list on left side.
  • Now run the Setup wizard.
  • Follow the Setup wizard and you should be able to connect Bluetooth muse with your iPad.

Using other equipments

There many other gadgets available for iPad users that could establish the seamless connectivity between iPad and wireless mouse and keyboard. As iPad does not show the pointer, an ordinary Bluetooth mouse might not be effective and whereas the exclusively designed equipments could enable the pointer.

BTC Mouse & Trackpad is one such gadget that is compatible with iOS 6.1 and can help the users to connecting not only Bluetooth mouse but also the keypad with iPad. This can be connected to iPad through Bluetooth connectivity and any type of Bluetooth mouse can be connected to iPad. There are many other features like adjusting speed of cursor, enabling Presentation Mode etc.

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