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How to uninstall IE10 in Windows 8

In this post we will tell you how to uninstall IE10 in Windows 8. Here are the following details. 

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has always be given less attention ever since Google Chrome, Mozilla and other Internet Explorer have launched in the market. Nonetheless, it is considered to be one of the best Explorers. But Chrome can be seen as one competitor which outstrips what Internet Explorer has to offer. Statistics leaves no doubt for same.

If we talk about Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has not only pushed its support limit, also it has been designed to lead a double role. It can be run in Desktop view like a traditional IE we have seen down the line, as well as directly from Start screen in the Metro view.

In the back end, however, both runs on the same fast and improved rendering engine which provide support for the new technologies like CSS3 and HTML5. Metro Appearance of IE includes the Adobe-flash plug-in as google chrome does. Yet, google chrome takes away the winning tag, whereas IE can be considered as second runner up after Mozilla.

Before you proceed to steps to install IE10 from your PC, here i would like to show some comparison of IE10 with other well known Internet Explorers. is a well known site when it comes to comparing the various Internet Explorer based on the HTML5 technology. The site ranks the Explorers according to features it supports and what other benefits it has offer over others.

Out of possibly 500, IE9 earns a score of 138, compared with 414 for Google Chrome.Whereas IE10 leads here with a score of 314 and 6 bonus points.Lets have a look at what statistics says. Score (out of 500, higher is better) Bonus points (for non-official support, such as extra video codecs)
Internet Explorer 9 138 5
Internet Explorer 10 139 6
Opera 12 319 9
FireFox 14 345 9
Google Chrome 414 13


But obvious the score is not enough for someone to be convinced. You can always choose what suits your taste. Some users prefer Default Internet Explorer, other are least concerned about it. You can anytime remove the Internet explorer from Windows 8. But the difficulty arises when you realize that  it is not listed under Program and Features in Control Panel and wonder where did it go? Here’s how you can remove it :

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Go to Programs –> Programs and Feature.
3. A Window will open with a list of all the Programs install on your PC. However, it does not include Internet Explorer 10, as it is a default        feature.
4. On the left side of the same Window, Click on ‘Turn Windows feature on or off’.

5. Small Box type Window will pop up with Windows default features. Unmark the Internet Explorer option and click OK


6. The System will ask to Reboot to apply changes. Press ‘Restart now’.

7. Once the System is rebooted, Internet Explorer 10 will be removed from both desktop as well as from Metro view.

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