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How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

After working in safe mode of Samsung if quitting is a problem, learn how to turn off safe mode in Samsung Galaxy tab 2.7.0

Nowadays the most popular Android smartphone is the Samsung galaxy tab 2.7.0. It has loads of alluring features, like the 7 inch PLS LCD capacitive touch, 3.15 MP camera, the best screen, stunning HD video capturing and a lot more. The latest addition to this smartphone is the multi-window mode. This ensures the multi-tasking functionality, which means that the user can access two different windows at the same time. The Samsung galaxy tab 2.7.0 device also have a safe mode, which is a built in feature.

What is Safe Mode?

This function of the safe mode is to find if any of the apps installed are creating problems which can result in the device getting frozen or hung. However, when users find it unwarranted can turn it off, which is not intimidating or tedious. When the safe mode is on, all the apps which are installed from a third party like Google Play or Windows Market are disabled. This is a troubleshooting feature, which has to be used before the factory reset is made. When you use the safe mode, you can find test the app functionality. Based on this, you can uninstall the apps that cause the problems.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0


You can find the ways to turn off the safe mode here. For this, you require the gadget charged altogether. At least the battery should be charged 80%. It is essential to create a backup of anything and everything necessary, like songs, SMS, MMS, images, videos, contacts, etc. This is advisable because you may lose data during the process rarely, which can occur when you do any such thing for all the devices. Many users consider their smartphones the best devices to import files, data and images. When you use the Galaxy tab 2.7.0, which is excellent for the purpose, it is indispensable to create a backup to prevent any loss of data.

Disclaimer/Words of Caution:

Do not forget that you need to use safe mode prior to the factory reset. Turning off safe mode is easy and simple and does not require any app. However, keep in mind that the step by step instructions given here suit only for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.7.0. If you intend to try this on other devices, then you should know that the process can cause unwanted damages to the devices and apps. It is also essential that you should create a backup of all the necessary data and files to prevent loss of data.


Here is a step by step instructions for turning off the safe mode.

Step 1:

Switch off the device as the first step. To turn off the device, press the power button and continue to hold it for a couple of seconds.

Step 2:

To turn off the safe mode, ensure that the safe mode is turned on. For this, press the power button, and press the volume down button and hold it for a while. This has to be done after you switch off the device. Now, the safe mode is turned on, and you can see the “Safe Mode” available on the left corner of the phone’s bottom.

Step 3:

This is the step that lets you turn off safe mode. You can find the power button the right side of the phone, and press and hold the button.

Step 4:

You can now see a pop-up appearing on the screen. Select Restart. You can see the safe mode turned off now.

Now enjoy the apps on your Samsung GalaxyTab!

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