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How To Sort Gmail Messages By Size Using Google Docs

In this article we will tell you how to sort gmail messages by size using Google docs. Here’s the complete procedure:

How to handle a scenario when your Gmail account is full or is on the verge of getting filled. One of the ways could be by purchasing the additional storage space. Think again, is it really worth spending $5 for at least 20 GB of space per year when World Wide Web is
getting open and “free” every day? Another option could be to find out mails which are occupying larger areas of storage and then deleting it.

Problematic situation is in finding out the emails which are holding maximum space in your mailbox. As Gmail lacks any such option which could reflect the size of the email and also doesn’t allow the user to sort or filter the messages according to the size. However Google Docs has put a full-stop to that entire trauma. Let’s find out how!

Google Docs syncs with your Gmail account and then computes the size of each and every mail which sits on your Gmail account. In case it comes across any of the heavy files which are greater than 1MB then it will surely take note of it in the spreadsheet. Once the user gets the list of all the bulky messages he can get the sheet sorted out based on the size. Apart from this option the user can also use the filter option to track the files of the higher size in the specified range (5 MB <size<10 MB). Then click on the option view link which will open the mails corresponding to the Gmail messages. From there on the user can move ahead with it to the secondary portion of the email address and then delete the message from the primary section of the mail for recovering the space.

The steps to handle the sorting of the messages-

  • The user should create a copy of the sheet in Google docs itself which reveals the details about the emails and its size.
  • After which a new option would come up in a few minutes on the sheet. You will have to select “Reset Canvas “from the menu of
    the Gmail which will initialize the sheet you wish to.
  • Please select the screen for the authorization. Then the user should grant the option of access to the Google docs so that it can easily access the emails in your Gmail account. It’s appropriately safe as your Google docs are going to access the Gmail account.
  • After the permission is granted the user needs to select the option of Scan box of mails from the menu options available in the Gmail.
  • For sometimes you can surely rest and sit back as reaching to the last step is going to take some time which depends on the number of the mails your Gmail account is holding. Also user need not to worry when the browser gets closed due to some or the other problems because when you start it fresh it will scan from the same place where it has left.
  • Also in case the Gmail message box is of larger size then you can also set the scheduled trigger option. This allows the process to continue without any manual intervention. The steps which need to be followed are With the Google opened click Tools-Script Editor. In another screen select Resources-Current script triggers. Then click on “Add a new trigger “and then replace the event from Spreadsheet to “Time Driven” and set the timer to the minutes which can come up after every 10minutes. Finally save the changes made.
  • Finally when all the mails are analyzed the user can use the option of sort or filter and track the bigger size mails.

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