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How Do You Scan QR Codes

QR code helps in sharing content but knowing the procedure is important as well. Learn how to scan QR codes through the article detailed below.

QR code or Quick Response codes are 2-dimensional bar codes which stores information. QR codes are nowadays used by retail stores for advertising their products and taking customers to their desired web pages in seconds. They are popular due to its quick response. The Smartphone users can scan the QR codes and store the codes in his mobile to revisit the page in future until the data expires. The retailers communicate price, description of products and special offers with the consumers through this QR code. Not only retail stores QR codes are used by various business purposes, but also created for personal use like wedding and special invitations, personal blogs, parties etc.

Unlike one dimensional barcodes, QR codes are 2-dimensional square matrix code. The links and useful information are stored in small black colored squares on a white background. The use of QR codes is increasing because of its easy implementation and low cost.

A range of free and paid QR code scanners are available in Smartphone to read the code and convert it into useful information. But don’t get upset if you don’t own a Smartphone. There are a number of ways with which you can also decode the QR codes.

Now you can find the information of any QR codes in your PC. If you want to find the information behind those small black squares, first of all download a bar code reader. I am listing here some free available barcode reader.

Scan QR Codes Without a Smartphone

Quick Mark – Download this free application on your desktop. The application is available for both Mac and Windows version. If you have a Google Chrome browser, it can be downloaded as its extension. If you find a bar code on any website, this extension will allow you to decode just with a right click. Other than websites, wherever you find a QR code simply click a snap of the QR code. The image must be sharp and you need to keep a white border surrounding the square matrix. Save the file in .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png or.gif. Drag and drop the image on the application and decode. You can directly access those barcodes through your webcam. You can also create your own QR codes with this application.

Scan QR code reader – This QR code reader is specially designed for windows 8 version. With this free application you don’t need to take pictures or click to scan the codes. The only thing you need to do after downloading this application is that to point your webcam on the QR code. It will straightaway decode the QR codes for you. Make sure you have a good internet connection so that it redirects you to the links or contents.

Few more free applications like QReader and CodeTwo are available with which you could scan QR codes and access information even if you are not a Smartphone user. The procedure of scanning and reading the QR codes are quite similar to those I have already discussed. Just choose any of the above applications, download, install and start decoding QR codes without a Smartphone!

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