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How to Save a Picture Without Right Clicking

It is said that using keyboard increases speed of working so mouse should be avoided. Know how to save a picture without right clicking.

When you see a picture that you like, you want to save it so that it is accessible easily in the future. Most websites allow pictures to be saved. On such sites you can save those pictures by right clicking and hitting on save. Then there are the others that do not allow saving pictures for various reasons.

image saving

If you attempt to save it, it will give you a message, such as “Context menu not available”, or for security reasons, “Right click has been disabled”. Not allowing right click and save is largely futile because there are various ways that this can be done.

Here are a few ways that you should try in the following given order:

Disable Java Script

In your browser, go to preferences and turn off java script. This should make it possible to save the image file. This will always work if the right click disable has been done using JSP.

Save the Web Page

Save the web page you are trying to get the images from. Open the location where your browser saves the files. Mostly you will find your picture also saved in this folder.

Save as mht (Win 7, IE 9)

If you are using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9, go to file, say SAVE as mht file. Locate this mht file, right click on it to edit. This will open the mht in Microsoft Word. Then right click on your picture as it shows on Word and save in the format you like.

Media Tab (Mozilla based browser)

If you are using a Mozilla based browser such as the FireFox, go to Tools/Page Info, and then click on Media tab. This will list all images on page. Click on address of the image you want, and then click save as.

Find the Picture

Open the website you want to get the picture from. Right click to see the html code. There will be tons of code there and it may not be easy to find your picture there, however you won’t have to go through it all.

Just control + F (find) for “jpg” or other extensions generally used for pictures. Once you find the picture you are interested in, in the html code, you will get the location of the picture. Get the picture from that location. This will almost always work.

Use the Print Screen

There is another way to save the picture which is probably not the most elegant way, but works almost always. Open the picture you want to save. Next, hit the print screen button on the computer. It is generally on the top right corner of the keyboard. Then open Microsoft paint program and paste the screen print there.

If Microsoft paint is not available on your system, could alternatively use any other software that edits pictures. Using the select tool, select the part of the screenshot you are interested in and save it separately. You could save this picture in whatever format you need.

One limitation of this method is that you cannot have the picture bigger than its size on the screen without losing its clarity.

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