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How To Remove A Hacker From My Phone

Technology has made our lives uncomplicated, but it has its share of woes too. Hacking of phones and laptops is a typical incident as fraudsters look for innovative ways to do so. No one expects their android phone to get hacked. When that happens, the first question that strikes is how to remove a hacker from my android phone?

How To Remove A Hacker From My Phone- Tips And Tricks To Follow

Our smartphones are constantly by our side. We use them for innumerable activities like banking, chatting, and photo sharing. Naturally, then hacking of the same can be a frightening prospect. Here we tell you ways in which you can eliminate the hacker from your phone.


Signs that someone has hacked your phone

Firstly and most importantly, you need to figure out if someone has hacked the phone. The following are some signs that show if the phone security is compromised.

  • There are new call logs or messages on your mobile. This means that the hackers are already using your phone for their tasks. It is also possible that they are using your number to retrieve the personal information of your family members.
  • You notice there are weird changes to your current records. When a hacker enters your phone, he will try to find out your records and modify them.
  • It has reduced the speed of your phone. This could be because someone else is trying to use your apps and resources. If you have your own app and are experiencing security issues, find out the software testing cost to analyze potential issues.
  • Lastly, if the phone’s charge is exhausting quickly, that is a sure shot sign of unlawful entry. Malware uses noxious code, which employs more charge than necessary.


How you can remove someone who hacked your Android phone

Now that you identified an unnecessary presence in your phone let us check how to remove hackers from the phone. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, uninstall any malware you locate on your phone. The people who enter your mobile get access to your personal information like bank account details, address, passcode, etc. It is better to start eliminating them as soon as you can.
  • Check the app permissions that are provided. This helps you in finding if any app is unnecessarily spying on you. Open Settings in your phone, Tap on Apps or Manage apps, Next tap on App permissions, and individually see which of them you must modify.
  • Uninstall any suspicious apps that you recently installed. It is possible that the hackers entered your phone through them.  Plus, if you check carefully, you might see some apps that you never installed. It could be the hacker’s work, and the sooner you remove them, the better it is.
  • Next, get an anti-virus application on your smartphone. When you are wondering how to remove a hacker from my phone, this trick can work wonders. The anti-virus software removes any untoward presence and keeps your smartphone safe from any future attacks.
  • Inform all your contacts that someone hacked your mobile. This is in case the hackers send messages to any of them requesting money or other help. If they know about it in advance, you can be assured nothing will go wrong.
  • Running a security scan is also helpful when dealing with a hacker. The anti-virus application you have installed has the provision of running a scan at regular intervals. But if you are in a hurry, do so immediately and remove the apps the software suggests as suspicious.
  • You could also factory reset your phone. This is the last resort if nothing seems to work. Once you have detected malware, you should factory reset the phone to escape the issue. If you are thinking about how to remove a hacker from my android phone, go to settings, then system advanced and choose the factory reset option. For iPhone, go to settings, select general, click reset and select “erase all content.” However, before doing this, ensure you have already saved the data present on your smartphone.


How to remove hack phone for long

Hopefully, by now, you would have got the answer to how to remove a hacker from my phone. Now you have to ensure your phone security is not compromised again. 


  • Use passcodes and phone lock

Many of us just do not consider setting a passcode as an essential job. But remember that by setting up one, you stop a lot of malicious software from entering the phone. Also, you could set complex passwords for your banking and other financial apps. You should avoid using simple passwords like your birthday or a combination of numbers. Set tough passwords and continue changing them regularly so that no one hacks your phone again.


  • Keep your phone near you

This is a widespread mistake people make. As a result, they have to think about how to remove a hacker from my phone. Physical access is the easiest way a hacker might enter your system. Whenever in a public place or a family gathering, keep this fact in mind. You never know who is a potential hacker. In case you misplace your phone, contact the service provider. They will disable your account promptly. Even if someone hacks the phone, your data stays secure.


  • Install any new app after scrutiny

There are lakhs of apps on the Google play store. But, all of them are not trustworthy. Read the reviews of an app before getting it on your mobile. Instead of cluttering your phone with many apps, keep only those that are reliable. If you are not confident about an app, do not run it.


  • Clear your internet history

At regular intervals, try and clear your internet history. People easily grasp all your details based on the browser history. Clear the cookies, cache and other information while doing so. Remember when you did it last and repeat after a fixed interval. At any point, if you think of how to remove a hack from the phone, remove the internet history promptly.


  • Lost device tracking app

It is easily possible to track the location of your phone when it goes missing. You will find this feature in some smartphones. But if your phone does not have it, install an app. This will prevent you from worrying when the phone is picked up.


  • Update your phone regularly 

You must have noticed receiving a software update message frequently. Do not delay in starting the same. Such updates have significant security changes for your device. By ignoring the update, you are making it susceptible to future attacks. Apart from that, your apps also need to be updated regularly. Even reliable apps may have bugs that a hacker could exploit. The updates have fixes to such bugs reducing your chances of getting hacked.



As soon as we see our smartphone working up, the first thought is how to remove hackers from your phone. But, the process of doing so can be slightly tricky. It is always better to keep your phone safe and not let the situation arise. 

Follow the above instructions and change your password frequently. If you are handing your phone for repair, disable apps that have essential information. Your careful approach would ensure that you do not have to tackle a hacker again. Every year the hackers steal a lot of precious information from phones and laptops. Make sure that you do not fall prey to any such unlawful entry. 

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