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Apple Admits iPhone has a security flaw – Top Trending News


Apple admits iPhone has a security flaw


iPhone, the world’s most desirable smartphone, has a serious security flaw that may give hackers the opportunity to steal the data. This shocking revelation was made by ZecOps, a popular mobile security forensics company based in San Francisco. More importantly, Apple has officially admitted that the security vulnerability does exist in iPhone as well iPad, claiming that the security issue exists in the Mail app. This official acknowledgment has meant that today millions of Apple devices are left vulnerable to hacker’s malicious attack. However, the company has said that it has already fixed the problem and this solution will be rolled out in the upcoming update.


Zoom to improve encryption level with upgraded app

In the wake of mounting criticism about security issues, Zoom on Wednesday said that it is all set to improve the encryption level with latest version of its app – Zoom 5.0. The company will be rolling out the latest version of its app next week. This announcement has come barely weeks after the company hired Facebook’s former security chief Alex Stamos.  Although Zoom app saw its popularity increased phenomenally during the lockdown period, it has also faced immense backlash over security loopholes.


Netflix to raise $1Bn Fund to fuel Original Content


Streaming giant Netflix said on Wednesday that it will raise nearly $1 Bn in debt to ramp up its original content.  With the entry of Disney+ and the unbaiting competition in the streaming space, Netflix probably had no choice but to beef up its content. However, many critics are arguing whether Netflix will be able to sustain such a huge debt. By the way, coronavirus lockdown has spelt lot of good news for Netflix, with the streaming giant seeing phenomenal increase in its subscription numbers.


SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites amid COVID-19 Lockdown     

Shrugging of the coronavirus concerns, SpaceX on Wednesday launched latest batch of 60 Starlink satellites into earth’s orbit. This barrage of satellite launches are part of its ambitious internet-from-space initiative, which aims to provide global internet coverage directly from space.


Get ready for an all improved Google Duo Video Call      

Google’s Duo video chatting app is all set to get a big makeover. Google plans to roll out a new video codec technology ‘AV1,’ which would allow even low-bandwidth video calls appear much higher quality than before. Notably, this big update has come amid the global lockdown.  Google Duo, with all its potential, hasn’t really witnessed any skyrocketing demand during the lockdown period.

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