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How to Personalize Face Book URL

In this article we will discuss about how to personalize Face Book URL. Here’s the complete discussion about it:

Here is great news for folks who have crossed 25 followers or fans on Facebook.  Facebook now lets you set your own Face Book URL (Also known as Facebook address). When you are able to set your own URL it presents an outright professional look and your users/ followers or fans find it convenient enough to type the URL on the address bar.

So previously if your page URL on Face book was -Nomo/1140006589321 and you want to set it to something like: -Nomo – then you will have to set the username as it will be depicting your name instead of the unique id (number) which Face Book assigns you. Personalizing your Facebook URL, doesn’t cost you a penny or sweat .The process which you need to follow for implementing this is as below:-

Begin with the choosing an appropriate Facebook username:

  • On visiting the link- You can set the name of your profile page along with the username for the face book page. Once set, Facebook will be directing the users to your personal profile area. This also proves beneficial for various business or organisation page as it helps them reveal their identity at one go!In case you already have the Username for your Facebook Profile, you will see an alert message stating “you have set your username already”. It will display the message that you can direct your friends to the Username URL. But in case it has not been set- you will be able to see a window which will be displaying a message “Set the Username for your Face book page”.

  • When you will click on the Username page- you will be able to view the available page names categories drop box. You will then be given a suggested usernames’ list based on your page category. You can select any one of your choice and click on the button available there as “check availability”. If the name is not already taken by some other individual or company, you can use it as your Facebook username.
  • When the one you have selected is confirmed from the check availability option, you will be provided with the label box in front of the drop down and there you can mention the name which you need to set. Once done, you need to click check availability once again.
  •  When the username is available you will be shown a window with a message (username) is available and few more instructions will be highlighted which you need to take care of. You can go through them and when you find everything is perfect, you can click on the “Confirm” button.
  • But before confirming, few things which you need to take care of are – firstly you need to remember that you can’t replace the name of the page for which you have already set the username. The only options left with you would be to remove or delete the whole page and start afresh from the scratch.
  • So you should be sure about what you want to set as your username and only then press the confirm button .After you have completed the process your page is personalized and you can share the details with your near and dear ones.Personalising your Facebook page URL is another way to draw the attention of your audience and followers. A personalized URL acts like your identity and helps you grow amidst your followers and the potential ones!


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