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Read More Tumblr

The Read More on Tumblr gives you the option of hiding text underneath a link. Take a look on benefits of read more on Tumblr. 

If there is a downside in Tumblr, the microblogging site, is that your followers only get a short span of attention. It is natural for anyone to skip a post, when there is a long text post that gets clogged up in their dashboard. They would obviously not paying any attention to it, when there are loads of other post congested. You can insert a read more link, but again there are certain disadvantages. The link takes the readers to another window or page, and again the entire story has to be read through.

You can hide any text behind the link using the Read More option given by Tumblr. This popularly known by the term cut. This can be used to hide the spoilers, and the content which can offend the followers or what you think can offend the followers. This can also be used to curtail the big posts.

Tumblr has been designed to be compatible with short posts, videos and images. A long post hence brings down the readability of the site. You can insert a transitory piece of your post using the Read More option. When the readers want to read the entire content, they can press the read more link.

As micro-blogging becomes more and more popular, people tend to read as many micro blogs as possible. Most of the important information and social interactions come from various microblogging platforms and social networking websites. Tumblr is a micro blogging platform which is set up by David Karp and it is now owned by Yahoo Inc.

Tumblr is immensely popular and so far it is reported  to host nearly 130.5 million blogs from all over the world. This implies that the website is immensely popular. It is structured in such a way that a user can post a blog and follow other people’s blog at the same time. However if a blogger wants he can keep his blog private. Multimedia content can also be posted at the website easily. If you are a blogger, you would like as many readers as possible to read your blog.

The aim of writers of blogs is to maximize as many readers as possible to read what you have written on your blog. There are a number of ways you can make more people read your blog posted on Tumblr. One way you can do that is to insert ‘Read More’ break in Tumblr text posts. This can done very easily by putting where you want a break.

However, if you are using plain text or HTML format then you need to apply a more elaborate method, which means you need to use the rich text editor, use toolbar button and use BS to help you put in more breaks in your text. Why would you use read more posts in your blog? One reason is that if you feel the text is too long or you do not want to write text that covers the whole dashboard and one way to avoid such a situation is to put a read more posts. It also means that it is easy for you read the post without clicking on it. Some steps to use read more are given below.

  • Go to your Tumblr dash post and click on text post
  • At the bottom you would find an icon which says, “Read More”
  • Click on the icon and immediately a read more break appears on your post
  • Write your text under the “read more”. It would only appear after you click on read more sign.

How to Make a Read More on Tumblr

Another option is to use customize the button used for ‘read more’, which means using ‘block: More’ inside the post. For this option one needs to change the language to say something like ‘view the complete article’ or use ‘more details’. Another option is to use 1 /4 or 1/3 tag. It will make you select the page you would like to read. Another way to insert Read more is to go to Tumblr dashboard and choose ‘Plain text writing’ icon, go to HTML button and write this code ‘[[ MORE ]]<p>’

There are many options to use to insert ‘Read More’ button on your Tumblr dashboard.

Hope this article about how to make a read more on Tumblr helped you.

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