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How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

Welcome to my blog! Have you ever wanted to delete those pesky highlights on Instagram that you made months ago and forgot about? Well, this is the place to be! Here we will explore different ways of how to delete highlights on Instagram so that you can quickly get back to curating your profile with the best content. Let’s dive in and get started!

Introduction to Highlights on Instagram

Highlights on Instagram are a great way to make sure that your stories stay up for longer than 24 hours for your friends and followers to view and enjoy. For example, you can create Highlights from the stories that you post on Instagram, featuring all kinds of content from videos to photos and more. You can even add titles or adjust the order of your new Highlights by selecting a cover image and rearranging them.

However, if you don’t need a certain Highlight anymore or want to just give it an update, it’s easy to delete highlights on Instagram. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to your profile page
  2. Select the “Highlights” section below the bio section
  3. Tap the pencil icon in the highlight story or album you would like to delete
  4. Select “Delete” and confirm
  5. Your highlight will be removed from view.
  6. Deleting highlights on Instagram is an easy process that only takes a few moments of your time!

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Benefits of Highlights on Instagram

The Highlights feature on Instagram is an underused tool which can help to showcase your content in a more organized and convenient way. When enabled on your profile, Highlights allow you to categorize posts into easy-to-find collections. These collections of posts appear as circles beneath your bio, giving followers the ability to quickly access the content they are most interested in. Benefits of using this feature include:

  • Enhancing Usability – With Highlights, visitors don’t have to scroll through your entire profile feed to find something specific. This helps keep content organized and easily accessible for users who may not want or have time to search for posts.
  • Attracting New Followers – By creating different collections (or highlights) within categories such as tutorials, recipes, products etc., you can provide viewers with a snapshot of what it’s like working with you or using your products. This encourages potential followers and customers to check out more of what you have created and potentially follow your work!
  • Promoting Brand Message – The ability to categorize highlights helps produce structure within profiles so that viewers are more likely stay longer and engage with the branding message. The improved usage also helps promote organic growth through user impressions and engagement.

How to Create Highlights on Instagram

Creating highlights on Instagram is the perfect way to emphasize specific stories for your followers. Whether you’re a business, influencer or just somebody wanting to show off their holiday snaps – highlights can be a great way to organize content and make sure it stays visible on your profile.

To create Highlights, open the story drawer and select any individual story you want to highlight. Tap the ‘highlight’ button located below the viewer name. Select existing highlight or create new one by tapping ‘New’, which will appear beside each option. You can also tap and hold over an existing highlight to rename it or add more posts inside that highlight section. After that, just hit back on top right corner of your screen and your highlighted stories are ready for display on your profile!

You can delete Highlights anytime you want by visiting profile page > highlights >tap 3 dots icon beside desired Highlight > delete Highlight. As soon as you confirm it, all stories in selected Highlight will be removed from display from your profile page highlighting area as well!

How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

Deleting Highlights on Instagram can easily be done using a few simple steps. Highlights are collections of stories that you can save to the top of your profile. By deleting old stories, you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your profile with too many highlights. Here’s how to remove highlights from your profile:

Step 1: On the bottom right corner of your page, tap the magnifying glass icon to open the search page.

Step 2: Press “Edit Profile” at the top of your page, and the settings page will open up with options for your profile including posts, story settings, and more.

Step 3: Scroll through “Stories Highlighted” until you find the highlight which contains stories you want to delete.

Step 4: Press that highlight, then press delete underneath it. Click “Delete Highlight” to confirm and remove it from your account.

By removing highlights from Instagram, you make sure that only quality content is being represented in a curated manner on your profile!

Tips for Using Highlights on Instagram

Highlights on Instagram make it easy to showcase positive posts to your followers. You can use Highlights to create separate stories or collections of stories that your followers can view at any time. To increase engagement and draw attention to your profile, you should use Highlights regularly and adjust them as needed. Here are a few tips for using Highlights on Instagram:

Choose content wisely – Not everything you post needs to be featured in a Highlight, so it’s important to consider the type of content that is most relevant and interesting for your followers. Products, services, promotions, special events, tutorials and other types of content are all great options for Highlights if they fit within your overall branding strategy.

Create an attractive layout – Use attractive imagery and creative layouts when creating your individual highlight covers. Each cover should be visually appealing and draw people in with its design and eye-catching elements.

Change the order – Keep highlights fresh by rearranging their order every so often. This makes sure that all the highlights remain visible on other people’s feeds so that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten about.

Keep it updated– Make sure that you update all existing highlights whenever necessary so they stay current with any new updates or changes in products/services.

Delete old highlights – When deleting old highlights, click ‘Edit Highlight’ then select the little (x) under the highlight name that you want to delete then confirm by selecting ‘Delete Highlight’. This will help keep a consistent look for your profile page.

Common Troubleshooting Tips for Highlights on Instagram

If you want to delete highlights on Instagram, the process may differ depending on whether you are using the mobile app or viewing them from a desktop browser. If the highlight was created via the mobile app, then it can only be deleted from mobile. Similarly, if it was created via desktop, then it must be deleted from a desktop browser.

When using the mobile app, open Instagram and go to your profile page. From here you can view all of your highlights. You can either long press on one of them while view your profile or click the three dots on each highlight to open up a settings menu. From here, select “Edit Highlight” and then choose “Delete Highlight”. You will need to confirm that you want to delete this highlight before it is permanently removed from your profile.

If you need to delete a highlighted post from Instagram using a computer or laptop browser, simply log into your Instagram account and go to “Profile” section in top right of web page. Here, click “Highlights” and select what highlight stories you want to delete by clicking “Edit Cover” button beside every booklet-style collection of stories (highlights). Here look for red colored tab with an x sign at top right corner and select that which will prompt for confirmation message which says: “Are you sure you want to delete this? This action cannot be undone.” Click Delete this Highlight and all its content would be erased permanently deleting everything in one fell swoop!

Alternatives to Highlights on Instagram

Deleting Highlights from Instagram can be an effective way to declutter your profile. However, removing existing Highlights is not the only option. If you would like to keep further content organized without having to use Highlights, there are other alternatives available. For instance, Instagram users can create collections with their most recent posts of the same topic or style—simply add videos and photos on your profile that fit the collection’s theme in the “Add to Collection” option. Instagram also allows users to delete individual posts from their profile while keeping them on their account and in Collections if they still wish to have them easily accessible. Other ways include creating an album of all posts, adding relevant descriptions and hashtags, or even streamlining organize content by deleting outdated posts or involving a friend or family member in archiving active content.


Finally, it is important to remember that to delete any highlights on Instagram, you have to go into the “More” tab on your profile and then select the highlight you want to delete. Before deleting a highlight, take some time to consider if what you are removing is important or valuable, as it cannot easily be recovered. By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily delete highlights on Instagram — ensuring a neat and organized profile page.

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