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How to Unmute Story on Instagram

Are you having trouble trying to unmute stories on Instagram? We’ve all been there! Thankfully, the process of unmuting stories isn’t too complicated – we’ve got everything you need to know in this blog post so you can get back to enjoying your favorite content in no time. So let’s get started!

Introduction to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories provide a way for users to share their moments with family, friends and followers. Each story is temporary, lasting up to 24 hours from the time it’s posted. But what if the sound in an Instagram story has been muted? Here’s how to unmute it quickly and easily.

To unmute an Instagram story, you first need to open the image or video in question. Then tap on the Volume icon at the bottom left-hand corner of each post to adjust the volume issue. To increase or decrease the volume, simply drag your finger across the slider that appears after you have tapped on this icon. This slider controls all of your Story audio levels; therefore, it’s important you adjust accordingly before watching or listening.

In addition to understanding how to change sound settings on a single post, there is another way Instagram users can control their Story audio profile-wide. On your profile page, within your profile information block at the top right-hand corner of any post (just beside where it says ‘Follow’), there is a gear icon – this button looks like three horizontal lines with three dots that appear when your profile page is opened up from Homepage view or My Story view. Tapping this gear icon will open Settings dialogue window which gives you access to different aspects of your Profile Management options – one such option being “Mute/Unmute My Story” where users can quickly change their settings without having to go into individual post settings separately for each Story update they make later down the track!

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What is Muting and Unmuting on Instagram Stories

Muting and unmuting on Instagram stories is a feature that allows you to control who can view your stories without having to block them from seeing everything else you post. When a user mutes their story, it means that they have opted to stop certain people they don’t want to see their stories from being able to view it. The muted users are still able to view other posts on the user’s profile, photos and videos, but will not be able to access the content of the story.

Unmuting someone is similarly easy and straightforward. To unlock and unmute a viewer on Instagram story, navigate to Your Story page by selecting “Your Story” icon underneath your profile. Here, you can see all current viewers of your Story. To the right of each viewer’s username is an icon with three dots indicating options; select this menu for each person you want to unmute for your Story. Now select “Unmute” in the menu and confirm if prompted; this person can now view your future Stories as normal again!

Reasons for Muting and Unmuting on Instagram Stories

Muting and unmuting on Instagram Stories can be a useful way to curate your content and engage with followers. If you would like greater control over who is exposed to your stories, you have the option to mute certain users or content. Additionally, if something offends you, muting an account will ensure that neither you nor your followers are exposed to its content.

For businesses and influencers, muting also provides more control over messaging and engagement opportunities. If a user posts inappropriate or unwanted material on their story, they can simply mute it instead of blocking them altogether.

It’s important to note that any accounts or stories that are muted will be hidden from view until unmuted manually or automatically by Instagram. To unmute your own story or the story of another user:

  1. Navigate to their profile
  2. Find their story post
  3. Tap the three dot menu icon in the top right corner of the post
  4. Choose “Unmute Story” from the list of options
  5. The post (and subsequent stories in the series) should now appear in your feed.

How to Mute and Unmute Story on Instagram

Muting and unmuting a story on Instagram is a feature that allows you to control the types of content you see in your feed. Whether it’s for content mature for your age, or preferences on topics, muting/unmuting stories helps you personalize your feed. Here’s what you need to know about how to mute and unmute on Instagram.

Muting a Story: To mute someone’s story, head over to their profile page and tap the three dots located in the top right corner. From here you can select “Mute Story,” which will hide their stories from appearing at the top of your feed.

Unmuting a Story: To unmute someone’s story, go to their profile page again and tap the three dots located in the top right corner. Here, scroll down and select “Unmute Story” to bring back their stories at the front of your news feed.

If you want complete control over which stories are muted or unmuted on Instagram, head into account settings where you’ll find an option that allows selecting multiple users at once so that all of their posts can be muted in one go!

Benefits of Unmuting Story on Instagram

Having an unmuted story on Instagram allows you to share more with your followers without any interruption. Unmuting a story enables you to share videos and audio with your followers in a smoother manner. It also enables you to give your content better visibility as the audio element in the story stands out from other stories. Additionally, when you have an unmuted video or audio, it has the potential to engage more followers because many users are much more interactive when they hear sound in stories.

Additionally, another advantage of having an unmuted story is that it makes your content moreconsumable and helps draw attention – a key factor for success on social media platforms like Instagram.Besides this, it is also important to note that muted stories get skipped after 5 – 6 seconds due tounengaging content or because of its limited length so having an unmuted story helps keep audiences within the feed longer thus creatingbetter engagement and opportunities for content sharing.

Tips for Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to engage friends, family, and followers. However, there are sometimes issues and features that need to be adjusted before you can create the perfect story. One such issue is users accidentally muting their stories due to the “ mute ” tool. Here are some tips and tricks for using Instagram stories without having this issue:

  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the story tools. Click on each one to get a better idea of what options are available for creating and editing stories. This will also allow you to avoid any accidental selections when it comes time to post your stories.
  • Pay attention to any sound or media options that pop up in your story post panel. Make sure all of these settings are adjusted just as you want them, such as an unmuted microphone, before clicking “Done” or posting your story.
  • Test out new features before completely committing to them in your final post! Experiment with muting different parts of your video by noting how things sound in the preview panel before sharing it with others.
  • If necessary, click on the plus button next to the mute/unmute icon so that it appears red rather than grey. If this icon isn’t visible at all, scroll down on your story’s post page and make sure that “Videos Sound” is turned off first!

Following these tips will help ensure that you don’t have a muted Instagram Story!

FAQs About Unmuting Story on Instagram

Instagram stories are a fun way to share what’s happening in your life from day to day. But, sometimes you may want to get creative and add sound to your stories. Here are some FAQs about unmuting story on Instagram that can help you understand the basics:

1. How do I turn the sound on or off for my story?

In order to turn the sound on or off for a particular story, tap on the icon located in the bottom left corner of that story while viewing it. Tapping it once will mute the audio, while tapping it again will unmute it and play any audio that is associated with that post.

2. What kind of sounds can I add to my stories?

Instagram allows you to add any type of audio file (including pre-recorded music) onto your story post as long as the audio file does not exceed 10 seconds in length. You can also record or upload voice memos or other kinds of audio files up to 10 seconds in length if you would like to add sound effects or your own personal touches onto your posts.

3. Is there a way I can find mp3s or other audio files for my post?

Yes, there are many websites and tools that provide mp3s and other kinds of audio files that are available for download and use when creating posts on Instagram stories. Additionally, some music streaming platforms allow users to download their favorite tracks directly from their subscription plans in order to be used within personal projects such as Instagram stories.


Overall, muting or unmuting a story on Instagram is a simple process. All you need to do is go to the story you want to mute and click on the more button. From there, select the ‘Mute’ option if you wish to mute that story, or select the ‘Unmute’ option if you previously muted it and want to reverse it. Although this process is simple, it keeps your stories private as users that view them can no longer see who else has viewed them or connect with other accounts from the story’s viewers list. Muting stories also makes it easier for you to manage your newsfeed; removing posts from specific people that are not interesting for you anymore or hiding stories from accounts that appear in Explore feed so they don’t get recommended repeatedly in your personal feeds.

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