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How to Check your Domain Authority

In this article we will tell you how to check your Domain Authority. Here’s the complete procedure about it:

SEOMOZ founded the website ranking system as Domain Authority. Domain Authority measures if your website is promising enough for getting displayed in the search engine results. There are rankings allotted to the websites from 0 to 100. The ratings are given on the basis of various metrics such as Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, websites traffic, the site’s backlink generation, and the comments received.

Google rank the sites based on the Domain Authority. The ratings are generally between 0 to 100 and higher the rating more the value of your website. Domain Authority is the measure of how Google ranks your website. This is calculated by MOZ  and are based on data from MOZScape. There are numerous factors that are considered like the MOZRank, MOZTrust, and link counts. With the 40 parameters considered, SEOMOZ tells how your blog or website is performing when a search is made in Google Search Engine.

Calculation of Domain Authority Rank

There are 40 factors that determine the DA score and each has its own influence on the score. The DA score tells you how your blog is rated in Google search and hence, all the factors that are considered by Google, to produce the search results are considered to determine the score.

Checking the Domain Authority of your Blog

Using the Moz toolbar, the DA can be checked. For people, who do not prefer using the toolbar by installing it on the browser, online tools do exist. You can check the MozRank, MozTrust  and backlinks using these online tools. You can gather the details of your DA, page rank and page authority from a few authentic sites.

To check the domain authority rank, you can use the sites, such as, Open Site Explorer, Mozcheck, Moonsy, Bulk Domain Check The DA rank is available only for the custom blogs. If your blog is named after or, then you won’t be able to check the DA ranking.

Steps to Check Domain Authority by Top 2 DA Check Tools


This is the ideal tool to check DA. You can also get additional information like top pages, linking domains, inbound links, data authority and many more. You can also compare 5 different sites with your site using this tool.

To use this online tool;

  1. Login to the account in OpenSiteExplorer
  2. Fill in your site address
  3. Click on “Search” option.

Moonsy Tool

This tool offers simple and ease of use.

  1. Login to the Moonsy Tool
  2. Fill in your site address
  3. Click on Check

Ways to Increase DA Score of your Blog

If you want to get the best DA rankings then increase the relevancy of your blog to the readers and the search engines. Here are a few suggestions;

Guest Blogging

To develop the Domain Authority of your blog try guest blogging in a blog that has a higher DA. This is most usual method to increase DA. Getting a do- follow backlink from higher Domain Authority blog will boost your website ranking also.

Unique Content

Content is king, and if you have used a copied or spun content, Google penalizes your blog.  Once you are punished, then the DA ranking goes very deep down, and it is a herculean task to retrieve it.

Say ‘No’ to Spamming

Stay away from link building, giving links to porn sites, spam sites and casinos have a negative impact on your blog. Make sure that you do not provide links to pages that are identified as spam by Google.


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