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GPRS Plan Comparison In India

This article will tell you the comparison between GPRS plans in India, so that you can choose the best option for yourself. Find the complete details below.

All of us use the internet now and then these days. With the advent of Mobile Technologies, all of us have been habitual of accessing this humongous source of information via our mobile devices, wherever we go, whenever we want to. Though 3G has been introduced a long time back in the country, but due to its high tariffs, the majority of the Indians is still using GPRS connections for accessing the net. In this article we will be comparing GPRS plans provided by the various service providers in India.


GPRS Plan Comparison In India

Airtel has always been in the limelight due to its world class coverage but the internet connection is not that classy. The peak downloading speeds are around 10 KBps and the average speed in about 4 KBps.  The basic plan details are:

2 GB: 149 Rs/Month

1 GB: 98 Rs/Month


GPRS Plan Comparison In India

Aircel has some of the cheapest and fastest GPRS plans available in the market. This may be the reason this has become so much popular since the time it was launched (not very long ago). The downloading speeds range from 5 KBps to 25 KBps depending upon the area. The average speed is around 10 KBps which is not bad for GPRS at such prices. The basic plans are:

3 GB: 98 Rs/Month

250 MB: 14 Rs/3 days

Unlimited data: 251 Rs/Month

IDEAGPRS Plan Comparison In India

Idea has been one of the best GPRS speed providers with download speed as much as 35 KBps. The only problem is that they do not have any cheap GPRS plans and the customer support is as bad as it can be. People have experienced false deductions in the balance very frequently. The basic plans are:

1 GB: 98 Rs/Month

2 GB: 148 Rs/Month

BSNLGPRS Plan Comparison In India

If you are not bothered by frequent disconnections in the internet, BSNL can be the best GPRS provider. It has very cheap GPRS plans and that too with high speeds. The normal 2G speeds range from 5 KBps to 10 KBps but with some tweaks you can get speeds upto 100 KBps sometimes. The basic plans are:

3GB: 98 Rs/Month

100 MB: 7 Rs/Day

VODAFONEGPRS Plan Comparison In India

Vodafone has been a worldwide telecom operator but in India the GPRS has not been emphasized that well. The plans are too expensive, though the coverage is very good nationwide. The speeds range from 6 KBps early morning to as low as 1 KBps during the daytime. The plans are as follows:

1GB: 99 Rs/Month

TATA DOCOMOGPRS Plan Comparison In India

DOCOMO has been a relatively new service provider for the Indian markets but has shown huge progress since the time it was introduced. It offers the speeds ranging from 20 KBps to about 35 KBps during the night. The customer support is also above average and the service is good in most of the areas. So if you have a good range in your area, you can definitely go with it. The basic plans are below:

1GB: 48 Rs/21 days

4 GB: 95 Rs/Month

500 MB: 15 Rs/3 days

VIDEOCONGPRS Plan Comparison In India

Though Videocon has spent enormous amounts in marketing, even then the service is really very poor. It has very poor coverage and that too only in a few major cities. You need to keep scratching your head trying to connect to the Internet. Despite of this service, there is only one plus point, the cheap GPRS plans, though it doesn’t make any sense as there is poor range. The plans are:

Unlimited Data: 96 Rs/Month

RELIANCEGPRS Plan Comparison In India

Reliance can be a good choice for those who are moderate users of the Internet. The company provides good service around the nation, though the customer service is a bit crappy. The plans are:

6 GB:  99 Rs/Month

1.5 GB: 52 Rs/Month

UNINORGPRS Plan Comparison In India

Uninor has some cheap GPRS plans, provided you have good range in your area. The basic plans are:

6 GB: Rs 90/Month

2 GB: Rs 47/Month

So you should check the coverage of these networks in your area first before going through the tariffs to experience the best GPRS experience.


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