Google’s New Backup and Sync App can help both Windows and Mac users Upload files to the Cloud

After a month’s delay, the search engine giant has finally released the Backup and Sync desktop app which is now available for download for both Windows and Mac users. This new App can help users upload files into the Google Cloud and can automatically sync up files from any source including videos and photos from cameras, USB devices, SD cards and Smartphones etc.



Combines the features of Google Photos and Drive Client Apps:

This new App will replace the older Google Drive Client and Google Photos Desktop App for both Windows and Mac users. Basically, this new App is designed to combine the features and functionality of the older Apps. The intention of Google to launch this new App is to avoid users requiring two separate Apps for the same purpose of uploading files from their PC or Smartphone to the Cloud.

Similar to how people use Google Photos to upload photos and videos from connected cameras or SD cards, we can use the Google Backup and Sync App to automatically backup your photos and files from any sources. The Google Drive can be a perfect backup solution for all your important files. Backup and Sync  App is compatible for both Google Drive and Google Photos.

Targeted for Regular Users:

The App allows users to choose what files to Backup and Sync from their local computers to Google Cloud by using the Preferences menu. Targeted for the regular Google customers, the user interface of this App is extremely simple. The App allows users to backup files, photos and whole directories from their PC to the cloud instantly. There is a small toolbar which displays the progress status of the upload. Since the tool is replacing the current Google Drive App, whatever previous settings have been configured by the users will be taken into account.  Google recommends business users to continue using Google Drive, till a new solution focused for Enterprise customers called Drive File Stream gets released later this year.

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