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Google Voice Client Metrotalk Updated to 3.1

In this article we will tell you that google voice client metrotalk updated to 3.1.

An app update notification certainly amuses you and you keep on wondering about the new features of the bug fixes an update would bring you. Windows Phone 8 is although a relatively new operating system but still there are many apps available for this OS.

These apps have also started bringing their respective updates recently and one such app that has been in the limelight due to its updates is the Google Voice Client named MetroTalk for Windows Phone 8 which is an alternative to Google Voice on Windows Phone 8.

The update has brought to its users quite a lot of new and unique features and some of the bugs that were prevailing in the previous application have been removed or at least the developers have tried their level best to get rid of any glitches in the previous version.

The MetroTalk app had also pushed a minor update in the month of December last year that provided the app some very cool Windows Phone 8 optimized features like multi sized tiles, faster resume, text to speech and many more features. Well, that was with the version 3.0, recently a newer updated version 3.1 has been launched that has brought even better bug fixes and a whole lot of new and amazing features for this app.

Google Voice Client Metrotalk Updated to 3.1

Some of these new and updated features and bug fixes have been enlisted below

  • There has been an addition of some new voice commands that require some configuration before you could use them.
  • There is a new people hub integration feature that is though limited in functionality, but is nevertheless a cool feature after you configure it.
  • New and better text to speech features.
  •  The new contact tiles that have been pinned on the Metro desktop can now support profile photos of the contacts along with text and call visual indicators.
  • The newer version supports copying, pausing and forwarding of your voicemails.
  • Now there is action links support for your voicemails as well and also in quick reply.
  • The newer version also allows you to hide the Google contacts and exclude them from auto complete searches.
  • Now, you just need to tap on the left edge of the items in various folders and they will be easily selected.
  • There is a faster operation in overhaul contact handling for certain devices with the updated version of this app as compared to the earlier version.
  • The contact search has been enhanced that also supports multiple partial strings matching as well.
  • In the new version, the ‘no more data’ notification can be permanently gotten rid of by tapping it.
  • There has been a bug fix that deletes the entries rather properly when removed from the trash.
  • In a call or text, the ‘add recipient’ button now is properly able to support and add multiple recipients easily.
  • The bug fix also makes offline calling available and working as intended to work with Windows Phone 8.
  • While you are loading multiple pages, always the correct page will be retrieved now after this bug fix.
  • While you are working in a folder other than inbox folder, all the tile, folder and lock screen’s unread counters will be updated correctly which were a bit of a problem in the previous version.

Well, these have been really significant changes, fixes and updates as compared to the earlier version. The MetroTalk app is a really great app and only the original Google voice app can beat it, none else.

You can easily download this app from the links provided below:

Free Version (Ad Supported):

Paid Version ($ 1.99):

So have fun with the new and improved MetroTalk app for your Windows Phone 8 device.

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