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Galaxy AI features will be free only till 2025

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


Galaxy AI features will be free only till 2025

There is a big breaking news for Samsung Galaxy S24 customers. Samsung has just announced that the Galaxy AI features will only be available for free until the end of 2025. These features could include things like real-time phone call translations, Chat Assist, and enhanced camera capabilities. What happens after 2025? Samsung hasn’t announced any details about potential pricing after the free period ends. Samsung may have taken this decision in order to compensate for the huge cost of developing these AI features. However, potential Samsung Galaxy S24 customers may get worried by this news especially since the company hasn’t announced exactly how much it will charge once the free period ends.


YouTube & Spotify apps won’t be available in Apple’s Vision Pro

There is bad news for Apple as it gears up to launch its much-awaited Apple Vision Pro. Major streaming services YouTube and Spotify have just announced that they won’t launch a dedicated app for Apple’s mixed reality headset. Another major streaming platform Netflix has also said that it won’t be launching a dedicated app for Vision Pro. What this means is that Vision pro customers will have to access these platforms through a web browser, which won’t give them exactly an wholesome immersive experience. Overall, the decision by YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix to avoid the Vision Pro launch is a blow to Apple. Their absence could make the Vision Pro a less attractive proposition for many potential buyers.


Zuckerberg wants to create Open-Source AGI

Image Credits: Flickr Prachatai

Mark Zuckerberg has made a big announcement that his company Meta will be joining the AGI or Artificial General Intelligence race. Zuckerberg also announced that Meta plans to open-source AGI. He made these big announcements in an exclusive interview with a leading news portal. He insisted that AGI will play a critical role in developing some of the company’s ambitious products in the future. Meta will be significantly increasing the number of GPUs to fulfil its AGI goal, he further added. However, Meta’s CEO did not give an exact timeline for the launch of its AGI. The question of who will race ahead in the AGI race has now become a hotly debated question.


Microsoft’s AI powered reading tutor is now free

Logo of Microsoft….

Microsoft has made its AI-powered reading tutor, Reading Coach, available for free to anyone with a Microsoft account. That’s great news for anyone who wants to improve their reading skills or help others do the same! Reading Coach uses artificial intelligence to provide a variety of useful features like offering personalized reading recommendations, helping you practice reading aloud and giving you access to a variety of reading activities. Reading Coach is currently available as a web app but will soon come to Windows as a downloadable app. However, Microsoft hasn’t given any exact timeline when it plans to launch the downloadable app.


Reddit is planning to launch IPO in March

According to Reuters, popular social media platform Reddit is planning to launch its IPO in March 2024. The company is expected to make their public filing in late February and plans to sell about 10% of its shares in the IPO. The final valuation will be determined closer to the listing, but based on a 2021 funding round, the company was valued at around $10 billion. Reddit has been planning its IPO for a while now and it looks like it is finally ready to take the big plunge. If Reddit does launch its IPO then this will be first major IPO by a social media company since Pinterest’s public issue in 2019.

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