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Online Consumer Complaint Filing Platforms in US

If you want to file a consumer complaint online in the US, this article will tell you some popular platforms for filing complaints.

Scambook – scambook

Scambook is one of the popular platforms for filing consumer complaints in the United States. It gives people a voice and acts like a forum where frustrated consumers can lodge their complaints against companies who have sold fake products or cheated them in anyway.

If you are a victim of bad business practices or fraud, you can share your grievances over and expect a quick resolution for the problem. You can spread the word about the wrongdoings of the company which cheated you, and safeguard other users from possible harm.

You can begin with the name of person, phone number or name of the company and choose the type of complaint. Once you submit your complaint, you can view the status of your complain your Dashboard and you will automatically notified regarding updates on your complaint.

Federal Trade Commission – federal trade commission

The Federal Trade Commission is another government body which is the consumer protection agency that collects companies about wrong business practices and fraudulent companies, identity theft, and other issues which consumers face.

It is a popular platform for filing customer complaints in the United States. The complaints filed by users will be entered into a secure database and used for finding out patterns of wrong-doing and continue with the prosecution of fraudulent companies with proper legal action. econsumer is an online platform that was launched in April 2011 by a group of 13 countries to address the issues of Internet fraud among various nations and to protect customers from getting cheated in online transactions.

It is a joint-effort venture to gather cross-border complaints on ecommerce. It has participants from more than twenty eight countries. It has a multilingual public website which permits consumers to lodge cross-border complaints and helps to resolve their problems through proper legal action.

Better Business Bureau Better-Business-Bureau

Better Business Bureau of US offers consumer information about various local businesses and also provides a fast and easy way for consumers to lodge complaints. They take complaints for all categories of businesses both offline and online.

They also accept complaints about non-profit organizations and charities. They usually handle complaints for marketplace transactions which include advertising claims which includes misleading advertising, bad selling practices, non-delivery of services and goods, misuse of personal information by companies etc. rip-off-report

Ripoff Report is a popular consumer reporting website which allows consumers to file and document complaints about fraudulent companies. The satisfied complaints will not be hidden by Ripoff and will remain accessible for all users. This is to ensure that a history of recorded complaints is maintained for future reference .

It includes all categories of businesses like Automotive, Computers and Internet, Entertainment, Education, Sports etc. You can browse through latest reports, search and edit existing reports and submit new reports free of cost.

Users can sign up and instantly lodge a complaint to create awareness among other users and safeguard them from possible cheating. Consumers can read existing reports and make their decision whether to continue business with the company under question.


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